Thursday, April 2, 2009

Radio Spanko

My favorite radio host, drive-time diva and closet spanko was at it again yesterday.

On the Lori and Julia show (3 p.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday on FM 107.1 here in Minnesota), the topic was "bedroom secrets". Lori had a different co-host this day, as Julia was on vacation, and they were talking about ways to heat things up in the bedroom. Her co-host had a list he'd downloaded from somewhere, and it was the usual stuff we've heard about--touch more often; kiss more often; make a date for sex; yada yada yada.

After listening for a bit, Lori decided that the best way to heat things up was to take the Nike approach--"Just DO it!", she said. Skip the elaborate plans, don't make it complicated, just do it.

Her co-host read another item or two off his list, and then Lori chimed in with, "I'll tell you what: Spanking!" She added, "What is it I always say? 'Does spanking the junk warm up the trunk'? She then answered her own question with, "Yes, it does."

I don't know how often she follows her own advice, but I don't think I can call her a "closet spanko" anymore...

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Anonymous said...

OMG! I would have loved to be listening to the radio program. Did they open up the phone lines and get some feedback?

Dr. Ken said...

Kitten--sadly, no. They were squeezing the topic in as they neared the top of the hour when they would have to break away for news, so there was no follow-up to any of it. So it was just that quick comment and nothing more.

Hermione said...

You really had an exciting drive home! When you least expect it, spanko talk!


Dr. Ken said...

Hermione--It certainly gave me something more to think about--which, when you're driving, isn't necessarily a good thing!