Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Proof Positive

Those of us who enjoy spanking (also known as This Thing We Do, or TTWD)--doesn't matter whether we're giving or receiving--have always believed a couple of things:

1. Spanking your partner (or being spanked) is good stress relief.......and,

2. The couple that "plays" together, stays together.

Now it turns out that we really did know what we're talking about. Check out this link to an article on the site New Scientist--


I especially like the picture they included with the article. By that, I don't mean it's a good picture--there's a lot of things wrong with it, in fact (that's a horrible implement to use in an OTK situation, plus the spankee should be facing the other way--I'm not a big fan of trying to spank across the body like that. And, since I'm a Spanker who prefers M/F, I could also say that the roles should be reversed.) :-)

Mostly, I just give them credit for trying. They could have left the article unillustrated. This at least gives you something else to look at, and I dare say even lends a little humor to the article.

Happy reading!


Kim said...

Way too short! I was just getting into the article when it ended, so:

a poem

Sort and sweet was the article,
but I was expecting so much more.
Staying positive in today’s enviro
Create, for couples, a real chore.
Dr Wiseman from Hatfield, UK
is pretty close to the mark.
It takes work to stay connected,
But stress relief can be a lark.
The day is stressful, you go home
To kids, cooking, cleaning and such,
And hopefully a good spanking,
thank you very, very much.

Of course if you’re single, you’ll have to make other arrangements. ;-)

By the way, did you fly Southwest to Chicago?

Dr. Ken said...

Kim--no, Chicago is more of a southeasterly direction.....:-)
Seriously, Southwest airlines goes to Midway, and I wanted to fly into O'Hare, so, no, I didn't take Southwest. Thanks to their presence in the market, though, other airlines fares were several hundred dollars cheaper than the last time I flew, so I flew into O'Hare for a very good price.
Wonderful poem--I hope you'll grace us with more poetry in the future!