Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Radio Spanko revisited

Back in a post on September 9, I talked about the radio station I listen to at work--FM 107.1. Here in Minnesota, it's where you can find The Cooper Lawrence Show, which I've also talked about in the past. Before Cooper, though, we have The Lori and Julia show--and I speculated that Lori may be something of a secret spanko. I have no direct proof, of course, but I do sometimes wonder about her.

Those thoughts resurfaced last week during an on-air exchange between the two ladies. Julia was starting to go on and on about Oprah coming out and discussing her weight problems--how that really humanized her and you got a hint of the person behind the icon, etc., etc. The only problem was that they had talked about the same thing on the show the day before, and Lori was bored with it, to put it mildly.

Consequently, after Julia threw a few more platitudes Oprah's way, Lori broke in and wondered out loud if the sales of Oprah's magazine were declining, and if that was the reason Oprah was being so confessional--because, she explained, the only time celebrities reveal things about themselves is if they've got something to sell--a new record, a new movie, you name it.

Julia, then, got upset about this cynical view, and the two of them went back and forth for a bit. Julia kept trying to get back to her "Oprah has the same problems as we all do" line, and Lori kept shooting it down, suggesting there had to be an ulterior motive to Oprah's coming out and speaking up about her weight issues. Julia finally just told Lori, "You are being so mean right now."

And Lori started to laugh and replied, "Give me a spanking. I'm being a bad, bad girl".

Shortly thereafter, it was time to stop for some commercials, and this is how they went into the break--

JULIA: We'll be right back after this.

LORI: (laughing) Julia's going to try and turn me over her lap.........and spank me!

JULIA: ...And spank her!

I still don't know if Lori is really a spanko or not--it could just be that she's not averse to a little playful spanking now and then without being totally into it. Whatever the truth is, though--it's fun to listen to!


CJ said...

Hey Doc, I bet you were ready to call in and give some hints, or better yet volunteer to help give the spanking.

Thanks for sharing!


Hermione said...

CJ has a great idea. Can you call in?

On second thought, if it's the program that's on at work, you'd out yourself. But you might also find some volunteer spankees in your office.

Thanks for sharing.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dr. Ken,
I guess the Spanko World is much larger than I ever thought, and its growing larger every day.
As always thanks for sharing. I love your posts, they are lighthearted and fun to read.
Take care

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Dr. Ken,

I actually call myself "Little Princess dani because that name makes me feel sooooooo cute!

I know you have seen my comments on darling Pixie's blog. I think of all those people as friends.

My gay struggle is coming to an end. I just have to keep being nice.

Thanks for this post and especially for the Bettie Paige one. She was truly wonderful!!

Thank you, Dr. Ken for just being you!!

Dr. Ken said...

CJ--that's me, always ready to lend a "hand"!

Hermione--actually, there's no phone handy in the area that I work. I wish I could find some volunteer spankees in the office--and I know who I wish they were, too!
I was just listening to the radio through headphones on my own private Sony radio/cassette player, so I'm the only one who heard it--unless somebody else at work had it tuned in, as well!

Andrades--I'm positive there are more spankos out there than we realize. There are also some semi-spankos (for lack of a better term) who might enjoy a smack or two (or three) but wouldn't be interested in an out-and-out spanking. It takes all kinds....

Little Princess Dani--you're welcome. I can't be anyone else. This is me, and the world will just have to deal with it. :-)

Dr. Ken said...

Anonymous--Hi to you, too.