Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Just a few things....

I've added two new blogs to my "More blogs I read" list. And when I say "new", I mean brand-spankin' new! As in, at most a couple of weeks old.

The first up is The Thoughtful Spanker, the life and times, rants and rambles, stories and pictures that "inspire the spanker within". You gotta love the sound of that--I'm in favor of nourishing your inner spanko.

(Which reminds me a t-shirt I once saw a lady wearing at a Crimson Moon party. It read, "My Inner Child Needs A Spanking!" Thankfully, so did she.....)

The other blog I'm adding is The Secret Life of Andrades Girl. Andrades stopped by here not too long ago and left a very nice comment. I decided to visit her blog and return the favor. Her blog is about a week old at this point, but it's filled with her thoughts and some fiction she's writing. All in all, it shows promise and should make for some interesting reading.

Here's a good chance for you to get in on the ground floor with two fairly new blogs. Go, take a look, and please leave some comments for the authors. Bloggers just love it when you leave comments. Trust me on this one..... :-)

One bit of housekeeping news--I've moved the link to the blog Radha Sutra and put it under the heading, "Blogs I read daily", because--well--because I do! As with all the other blogs under that heading, I'm not saying that they update daily, merely that I find myself checking them every day to see if they've put up any new content because I think they're that good and I enjoy reading them. Besides, she's a Midwestern gal--we Midwesterners have to stick together!

One final bit of nonsense--

There's a radio ad that I've been hearing--possibly a local ad--by some Doctor or clinic (you can see how closely I've been paying attention, can't you?) touting a new liposuction procedure. According to the ad, this new method is better, and a big selling point is that you, as the patient, can undergo the procedure and won't need to be "put to sleep".

Personally, I'm quite happy to discover that death isn't an option.......


Jay Walker said...

Hello Dr Ken.
I love that picture, its georgious.
I'm stopping by from Andrades blog. I'm also a newbie.
I don't think its easy for us spankos to find our ideal partner.
I'm sure that you will find you perfect partner.
Hugs, Jay

Anonymous said...

Hi Dr.Ken,
Thanks for visiting my blog and your support. I checked out Radha Sutra's blog because of your comments, and her blog is fascinating. When I have more time I will really sit and read her posts in depth. I have added her to my blog list and check for updates every day. And thanks for the update on liposuction. Its good to keep up on these new medical advances!
Take Care,

Dr. Ken said...

Jflame--Hi, Jay! Glad you like the picture. I found it in a Google search and decided to use it.
No, it's definitely not easy to find an ideal partner--or an even slightly less than ideal partner. But we can't find 'em if we don't look, so I keep my eyes open and my fingers crossed.
I do uncross them for spanking purposes, however..... :-)

Andrades--You're welcome. The Radha Sutra blog is one of my favorites. She's such a good writer--and makes a mean scone, from what I hear.

Radha said...

Thanks so much, Dr. Ken, for directing traffic to my site! Hope you keep warm in the snow and cold!

Dr. Ken said...

Radha--you're welcome! And I feel confidant that you're being kept warm! LOL

Dr. Ken