Friday, September 5, 2008

A Good Spanking

It all started on August 7th over on Devlin O'Neill's Weblog with a post from Gwen with the title, Is It Friday "Yet"?......a phrase I've been known to mutter just about every day of the work week.....and yes, that includes Fridays.

Somehow, in the comments section, the discussion rather quickly turned to doing jell-o shots (along with a recipe for them) with everyone chiming in on the subject. Then I opened my big yap (as I've been known to do) with a prize-winning notion.

We all know drinks can have crazy names, I said. Like Sex On The Beach, for example. What we really needed was a drink called, A Good Spanking. Not being a bartender (or even much of a drinker) myself, I noted that I had no idea what such a drink would be comprised of--only that I liked the idea of women going up to the bartender--undoubtedly squeezing themselves into a space next to a good-looking guy--and saying, "I'd like A Good Spanking, please."

Gwen really liked the idea. She saw that it could be a great icebreaker--stand next to a good-looking someone and order that drink, and just imagine the ensuing possible conversation. It could also serve as a little coded message. A lady placing such an order is letting you know that she's not just thirsty--if you're sharp enough to pick up on it.

All we needed was a Spanko bartender to come up with the concoction--at which point CJ, a regular over at Devlin's blog, just happened to mention that she'd been to bartending school. So she experimented long and hard--heaven knows how many tries it took before she came up with the finished product. But come up with it, she did......and here, with a little tweaking from Dev, is the recipe for A Good Spanking:

- 1.5 oz. Bacardi Coconut Rum- 1.5 oz. Bacardi O Rum- Pineapple Juice- Orange Juice- Mix this first over cracked ice in a tall glass to a little over 3/4 full…
- Then add .5 to .75 oz. Sloe Gin on top by slowly pouring atop an inverted spoon.- Garnish with a cherry halved on top of an orange slice

Now we just need bartenders the world over to become familiar with the drink. So everybody, gather up your courage! Copy the above recipe on to a 3 X 5 notecard, or print out several copies and take it with you to the nearest watering hole and ask the bartender for A Good Spanking. And when he says, "Huh?" or "I don't know that one", hand him the recipe. With luck, he'll keep it on file, and other people will learn about it and it will become popular, and before long we'll have our very own handy conversation starter.

To read the full account, go to Devlin O'Neill's Weblog and look up the August 7th post. And then check out the August 29th post, "A Good Spanking! I'll Drink To That!" which is when the finished recipe was introduced

It's September, the kids are back in school and out of the house. This just might be a good time to have the neighbors over for a cocktail. Whatever you do, I hope you all enjoy A Good Spanking!


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Dr. Ken for giving the r recipe. I must have missed it on Uncle D's blog but glad that i have it now. I have to try it with Joseph when he comes up here to get me in November hopefully for Thanksgiving. LOL! Of course he has to be careful not to get me TOO relaxed since I tend to fall alseep during our play time! LOL!

Melissa said...

That's funny. It reminds me of how I'm in a paddling club which is just sadly for canoes and kayaks. But I have thought about telling people that I'm in the paddling club and taking note of their reactions.

Michael said...

Great post, Dr. Ken, and a great drink. It's Friday night and I'm heading out and will see if any women I meet want a good spanking, then I'll ask if they want anything to drink. ;)


Anonymous said...

Great post and great idea for a cocktail, Doc - thanks! We got a lot of mileage out of that, and I almost had the chance to introduce it at a vanilla party but other issues intruded, more's the pity.

And of course I'd be more interested in the girl who ordered the drink than the drink itself, which sounds overly sweet to me - and besides, rum has never been a tipple of choice, sailor though I was.

But I have to say HI! to Melis and say thanks for chiming in. I'm always amused when I Google 'paddling girls' or the like and get a bunch of kayaking clubs in response. And not that I think canoe paddles would serve as a useful spanking toy, but I have to admire the shoulder muscles on the guys who go in for that sort of thing, and I'll bet they could give you a nicely paddled fanny if properly motivated, Melis. Drop by my blog any time if you're looking for bratting lessons - we have a BUNCH of them, brats that is, at Devlin O'Neill's Weblog. Just a thought. *G*

Again, good job, Doc. Keep it up. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Oh. Look who I found. Now I know where to look for you two when you tell me you're in a *Staff Meeting*.



Dr. Ken said...

Pest--you're welcome. And as I said in the post, you can always go back to Dev's blog and look up the original posts and comments.

Melis--Good to hear from you again! Yes, by all means, mention the "paddling club". You never know what sort of response you'll get!

Michael--remember to take a copy of the drink recipe with you (and let us know how it goes!) :-)

Dev--I'm not much of a drinker, so if it is a little on the sweet side--well, that's fine with me. And I imagine the target audience of such a drink, as Michael pointed out in one of his comments on your blog, is female bottoms--and they probably have no objection to it, either.
You can stick to your Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster, old salt....:-)

Gwen--hey! If Michael, Dev and you are over here....who's running the blog???

Anonymous said...

Dr. Ken, they put in their twins to run the blog when they are over here! LOL! Of course they could always leave its running to the brats who like to have fun and tease the Toppies (no names)! LOL!

Cigi said...

I wish I still drank (no I actually don't really lol) because that drink sounds wonderful and I was always a "Bicardi Girl". :-)

So to everyone who helped with the recipe for that drink, you did a great job...maybe I'll try it without the alcohol..I suppose you could substitute coconut milk for the Bicardi right?

Hugs everyone...

CJ said...

Hi Dr. Ken,

Thanks for the idea! I had a great time testing it out. :)

Cigi that is a great idea on the coconut milk. I am trying to figure one out for Pest so I might try that.

Dr. Ken true to your word you are definitely getting the recipe out there.