Friday, April 4, 2008

Spring Cleaning, pt. 2

There's something a little off about this drawing.....

Or maybe I should say, "off-center". Why in the world would the artist cram a perfectly good spanking drawing into the right-hand corner of the picture? Why not in the center, acting as the main focal point? It almost appears as if the artist starting out to just make a drawing of the room, and at the last minute thought, "Hmmm, it needs something to liven it up a bit, and I've got some space down here......"
Of course, in all fairness to the artist (whoever he--or she--might be) it could be that whoever made a scan of the picture cropped some details from the right-hand side--the artist's name, perhaps--thus creating this off-balanced look.
Whatever the reason may be--enjoy!
I'm still under the weather, but will have my post of last weekend's Crimson Moon party up soon!


Anonymous said...

I am sorry you are still feeling under the weather, Dr. Ken but hopefully you will feel better and put up your Crimson Moon Party intake!

The drawing does appear off center and maybe the artist or whoever scanned the picture needs a spanking! *WEG*

Hermione said...

You're right, it could have been cropped. The shaft of sunlight is interesting, though. It draws the eye right across the picture.

Get well soon!


Cheryl said...

Hey, Ken, the centering isn't the only thing that's "off" about that picture. It looks like that big, round hairbrush is leaving thin, strap-like marks on the woman's bottom. Makes me wonder if the artiste was even that into spanking.
Hope you're fighting off that evil infection and are feeling better. Can't wait to read about your CM party experience.

Dr. Ken said...

PEST, HERMIONE, CHERYL--thanks for the well-wishes. I almost have to say snything for fear of jinxing it, but I am finally (after two weeks) starting to feel better. The coughing has definitely eased up. So, I'm keeping my fingers crossed!