Friday, April 25, 2008

Musical Interlude

This post has it's origins over on Devlin O'Neill's Weblog.

After listening to my rant about those catchy jingles from Free Credit Report, Devlin felt the muse hit him, and he composed a song parody to try and drive the ad away from my thoughts (and, I presume, from his thoughts, too). The result was "Spank The Naughty Maid", sung to the Beatle's tune, "Yellow Submarine". It's quite wonderful, and I urge you to go to Devlin's blog and check it out for yourself.

This unleashed a spurt of creativity in the Comments section of that post. Sir Trent took Roger Miller's song, "Dang Me" and wrote a great spanking related verse. And then I pitched in with a one-verse take-off of the Beatle's version of "Act Naturally".

I originally simply said that my verse was a song for Gwen to sing (Gwen is the "Serene Highness of Computer Graphics"--along with a few hundred other titles--for Dev's blog). Gwen, however, started referring to it as her "theme song". As a few days passed, the verse I had written stayed with me, and I decided that I had to go back to it and finish a parody of the whole song. I rewrote the original verse a little, and went on from there.

So here it is for Gwen--and for any other young lady to whom it might apply.......

(Sung to the tune of the Beatle's "Act Naturally")

He's gonna put me in the corner

He's gonna spank the daylights out of me

He's gonna say that I've been bad and naughty

And all I really did was act naturally

Well I'll bet you I'm gonna get a spanking

Probably a good one--you can never tell

He might just use his hand if I'm lucky

If not, he'll use some Implement From Hell

Well, I bet my butt will wind up red and glowing

I'll kick and squirm while I'm over his knee

There even might be a few tears a-flowing

And all I really did was act naturally

Sometimes I'll tie his shoelaces together

Or swap salt for the sugar in his tea

You know that life with me is never boring

And all I really did was act naturally

Well I'll be in trouble when he gets into town

And be firmly upturned over his knees

It won't be long 'til my panties are pulled down

And my bum feels like it's stung by bees

Well I think I'll go and hide out in the movies

Or go shopping--but eventually

I know I'm gonna have to face the music

And all I really did was act naturally

And all I really did was Act Naturally


Anonymous said...

Dr. Ken -- absolutely squirmy! :-)

dariachick said...

Dr Ken,
I so wanted Miss Gwen to post here first but I just couldn't wait!!! You Definitely have a gift... a deliciously intriguing and teasing gift :)

Dr. Ken said...

Season--Yes, but did you like it? :-)

Dariacchick--thank you! Now if I could only make money off of writing spanking parody songs....I'd have those bills paid off in no time!
As for Gwen--I think she's still standing in the corner waiting for me to tell her the song is finished.
Hey, Gwen--you can come out now!

Anonymous said...

Did I like it? Er . . . ummmm . . ah . . . . *blush*

Michael said...

Wonderful, Dr. Ken! You knocked it out of the park. I really enjoyed your song parody, and could picture Gwen acting naturally and getting into all sorts of spankable trouble. I know she'll LOVE it, and Dev too.


Anonymous said...

(SO sorry it took me SO long to get over here! It's been a busy weekend for me, real-life stuff intruded on my play time.) THIS IS AWESOME, LOL! Dr. Ken, you missed your calling. You should be a songwriter - or work for Hallmark. *G* ... May I pretty please have your permission to repost on Devlin's Blog? ... xoxo

Anonymous said...

Dr. ken, this parody was VERY nice and I LOVED it. Sorry it took me so long to read it but better late than never, right? LOL! By Season's blush she REALLY REALLY liked it but I think she is just too shy to admit it like the rest of us! LOL! I am sure you could make millions off of writing spanking songs. You never know it you could always start a new trade! *WEG*

Anonymous said...

Out-flipping-standing, Dr. Ken!

And many thanks for the plugs, and also for permission to grab your song for our blog.

Keep it up! Um ... the good work, I mean. *G*


Dr. Ken said...

Season--I'll take that as a "yes". LOL

Michael--Gwen get into trouble? Oh, that could NEVER happen...:-)
Glad you liked it!

Gwen--Don't you hate it when real-life stuff intrudes on the fun times? Happens all too often...
Hallmark, eh? A whole line of Hallmark Spanking cards--I like it!
And yes, of course you have permission to repost over on Devlin O'Neill's Weblog!

Pest--When I make my first million, I'll sit back and think, "And it all started with a Beatle's parody...." And yes, I think there was something about it that Season liked!

Dev--Thank you, my friend! And I'm always happy to plug your blog--especially since I'm a frequent commenter over there.
Now, where's that Viagra....? Oh, wait...that's not what you meant?

Anonymous said...

A bit off topic but where did find the illustrations for this post?
Good job on the blog BTW

Dr. Ken said...

Anonymous--thank you. Hope you come back and read often. :-)
The illustration, I believe, is a Sassy Bottoms drawing. The download date reads 2002, so it probably came off the newsgroup, if I remember correctly

Dr. Ken