Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Poem

I have been exchanging e-mails recently with someone new, and a week or so ago she sent me a poem that she had composed. All that spanking talk does tend to bring out the creativity in a person.

I enjoyed the verse, and I asked her if she had any objection to my putting it on my blog. I promised to attribute it to "Anonymous" so as to not compromise her identity in any way. Thankfully, she agreed to let me post the poem. Her husband suggested that instead of "Anonymous", a more fitting name might be "Anaughtimous".

So, here's a short poem from Anaughtimous. I hope you enjoy it, and--with any luck at all--she'll contribute more in the future.

"Now I lay me across your lap,

I hope the smacks more than a tap.

If I squirm before you're done,

I wish more heat upon my bum."

-- Anaughtimous


Lea said...

Love it! Though I don't think squirming should equal more punishment. What do tops want us to do, lay there like a log? That would be boring!

Dr. Ken said...

Lea -- Squirming would get you more if you had been told, "Count the next 20, and no squirming!"
Otherwise, I totally agree with you. A spanking is more fun if the spankee reacts--not to the point that it turns into a major struggle, you understand, but enough to let the spanker know he (or she) is having an effect.
Besides, a little squirming might inspire the spanker to cause a lot more squirming! :-)

Anonymous said...

Fun little ditty. ;-) I love the expressions in that picture. She looks so pleased with herself and he seems to be thinking, "oh, really, hmmm, let me give you something to smirk about!" -Amy