Sunday, January 25, 2009

And The Answer Is.....

Thanks for playing "Guess The Celebrity Bottom." Well--two people played, anyway. The rest just said, "I don't know. Tell me." Honestly--where's their competitive fire? Maybe it needs to be lit under them in the time-honored traditional manner. Too bad, 'cause "Guess The Celebrity Bottom" could become a regular feature around here.

Anyway, the photos come from the set of the film she's working on, Frankie And Alice, and the bottom belongs to .......

Halle Berry! I really thought someone would guess correctly. Of course, when you already know the answer, I suppose it seems easier than it really is.

As a bonus, here's another photo of Halle Berry running out of her costume. This may have been a wardrobe malfunction. It may have been in the script. I'm filing it under, "Don't know. Don't care". I'm just glad someone with a camera was around.

Thanks for playing!


Hermione said...

I had no idea whose bottom that was, but WOW! That's quite the outfit!


Anonymous said...

Hi Dr. Ken:
Once again, you have me laughing out loud. Too funny. Thanks for finally letting us know!
And yes I quite agree with Hermione...a great outfit.
Take care,

Dr. Ken said...

Hermione--yes, it is. I like the shoes, especially..... :-)

Adrades Girl--You're welcome. I wonder exactly what her role in the film is that puts her in an outfit like that?