Monday, November 20, 2023

The Reading List

A couple of books for you from some probably recognizable spanko names--

Jillian Keenan is one of us, which is to she's a spanking enthusiast.  Go to YouTube, do a search on her name, and video after video pops up about her talking about different aspects os the spanking scene.  My favorite, I think, is the multi-part series of her and some of other spanking people watching and talking about spanking scenes in the movies.  The book tells how the Bard helped her on her journey to figuring out her sexual identity and the big part that spanking plays in it.  You can find it on Amazon.

Another memoir of a spanko woman's journey.  If you don't know the name of Ariel Anderssen, you might know her better as Amelia Jean Rutherford.  This is her story.  According to Amazon:

"In this bold and intimate memoir Ariel Anderssen charts her journey from a strict religious upbringing as a Jehovah’s Witness to her current position as one of the most widely recognized BDSM performers in the world. Her route between the two includes a period as a wretchedly miserable, teenage political activist, a phase touring with a Christian theatre group, and accidentally discovering a talent for posing for art nude photography. This surprising and unconventional career path led her to a life-altering introduction to BDSM-themed erotic artwork and a whole world she never imagined existing.

This is a book about BDSM, and about sexuality, but most of all it is about one woman’s struggle for self-acceptance and the rewards that come from confronting who you are with honesty and compassion."

Both books are available from Amazon.  Give yourself an early Christmas present!


AussieJenny said...

Thanks Dr. Ken, I will look into those. Bye for now, Jenny

AussieJenny said...

Hi again Dr. Ken, I just bought the two books on Kindle, one for Christmas and one for my birthday four days before. Bye for now, Jenny

Hermione said...

Thanks for sharing those, Dr Ken. I had no idea Ariel had such a background. Jillian's book should be interesting; I have read all of Shakespeare's plays, but nver saw the spanko side of them.


Dr. Ken said...

AussieJenny -- Nothing like giving yourself a present...I hope you find the books interesting!

Hermione -- I think they both should be fascinating. No outright spanking in Shakespeare that I know of, but it did lead to "Kiss Me Kate". And ever since "Kiss Me Kate", some versions of The Taming Of The Shrew have included a little spanking. I also saw a version of "As You Like It" which, at the "grand reveal" near the end, had Silvius finally pull Phoebe over his knee and deliver several swats. Again, nothing in the play, but the director had a vision...