Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Faking It

 Pretending to be sick to get out of school?  Or claiming illness to get out of doing your chores?

Mom has a cure for that....


Jean Marie said...

This is one of my most cherished fantasies... Having my temperature taken rectally to prove that I'm not really sick, having my bare bottom punished soundly for the fib by my Mom, being sent to school with the backs of my legs showing the evidence of that punishment below the hem of my skirt, not being able to sit comfortably all day in class, coming home and being informed that Daddy intends to formally punish my fakery before bed, getting a second spanking in the same day, putting myself to sleep by masturbating my aroused sex and fingering the lubricant up my bum from that thermometer earlier... It ALWAYS gets me off!
Jean Marie

Dr. Ken said...

Jean Marie -- Aren't fantasies wonderful? :-)