Monday, June 27, 2022

A Spanking For Chloe



Jean Marie said...

Chloe has such a nice, round, solid bottom for spanking. I hope she's well, wherever she is, and getting frequent bare bottom blisterings!
Jean Marie

Jimc said...

Love seeing Chloe getting spanked as much as pixie.I love her being too the best.great finds.Thanks

MIke said...

What a great bottom! Thanks for the wonderful pics.

Dr. Ken said...

Jean Marie -- I've always enjoyed seeing any video with Chloe in it. And I share your hope for her. With such a spankable bottom, I hope she's getting some spanking attention!

Jimc -- Chloe and Pixie in the same post--it's a great combination!

Mike -- A wonderful bottom, indeed. And you're welcome!

Old School Fan said...

Nice round, pink butt!

She's pouting, but I'm sure she had it coming. (If nothing else, call it a pre-emptive spank for behavior she's no doubt contemplating.) LOL