Friday, December 11, 2020

Maybe....And Then Here Comes Krampus

 I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone--and I do mean EVERYONE--for the very nice comments you made about me and the Spanking Minnesota blog when I announced that I intended to end it at the close of the year.  I honestly had no idea that so many people thought so highly of it and it's quite gratifying,  to put it mildly.  Heck, I just found out from the owner of ALL THINGS SPANKING that my site was one of the top eight in terms of referrals--people who came here and then went there.  Overall, I'm a little stunned by it all.

Of all the comments, though, there's a couple that stand out--in particular, one from Bonnie of MY BOTTOM SMARTS.  Bonnie is THE standard when it comes to spanking blogs, IMHO.  And she noted that she had ended her blog two or three times but always came back to it.  In other words, you can always change your mind.  And so I'm thinking about it.  There's still a good 20 days or so before the end of the year--plenty of time to mull it over and see if I feel the same way then as I do now.  I don't want to spread any false hope--but just maybe I'll wind up sticking around.  Time will tell.

Now, back to the Christmas fun and games....and if Santa is taking action on his "Naughty" list, can the Krampus be far behind....?


wolfman7446 said...

Dr. Ken:

I place a vote for your staying! We may not be the most vocal crowd, but we are certainly appreciative of your efforts. Merry Christmas, because you have given much merriment to all of us!!



Anonymous said...

I really enjoy your site!

Dr. Ken said...

Rick -- Thanks for the kind words. I am giving serious thought to staying on and continuing to post. And Merry Christmas to you, too!

Anonymous--That always good to hear! Thanks!