Wednesday, November 1, 2017


The very first year that I started this blog, I found a picture by the wonderful artist known as Endart that I wanted to post.  I wrote to him asking for permission to do so.

He was nice enough to write back and said to go ahead, and that I didn't need his permission.  He only asked two things:

Do not change or crop the picture in any way.

Leave the watermark intact.

That's the policy I've gone by ever since when it comes to reposting pictures.  So if someone has their watermark/website name on the picture--for example, Spanked Sweeties--then the Spanked Sweeties logo is going to be the picture when I put it on the blog.

If that same picture were to show up here without the trademark?  The only way that happens is if someone else removes it and then I copy that picture during a web search and later post it here.  The logo or watermark is free advertising for whatever site it represents, and they rightly deserve to have that.

So, I post pictures as I find them.  I will not change or alter them in any way, and the trademark remains intact.  And if any of the owners of that content object to my using one of their pictures, I would hope they let me know, and I will remove it.

So far that policy has served me well, and that's how I plan to continue for however much longer this blog exists.

The Endart picture that started it all?  It's called Warm Under Plaid, and here it is:


smuccatelli said...

I have no problem with crediting the artist and have in fact contacted other blogs to point out the the artist's name is missing and should be mentioned. The only problem I have with watermarks is when they actually distort or obscure the pic. Usually of course, they're from a pay site and intended to protect the paywall. Still, it's a pain in the ass.

Always loved EndArt's work...

Dr. Ken said...

smuccatelli -- Endart used to put the watermark right across the middle of the picture. Later on he went back and redid them, putting the watermark in the corner or at the top, bottom, or side so the drawing wasn't obscured. I wish everyone would do that...

smuccatelli said...

I know. And I'm glad he did. Great work. Did you ever see the "Pammy" or Pamelee series that he did? There was a great Halloween one where Pamalee's bare bottom served as a pumpkin, only red, not orange...

Enzo said...

Great policy Dr. Ken.

In general, I try to avoid using any watermarked/website names on pictures not because I don't want to give them credit, but rather as I never know how the owners of these sites want their images used/shared.

What bothers me is when you come across pictures on Tumblr, or elsewhere, that have watermarks from those Tumblr sites and it is obvious that they are not the originators of those images. And no, changing a pic from color to B/W does not make the image yours.


Dr. Ken said...

smuccatelli -- I was a member of Endart's site until he retired, so yes, I saw the Pamalee series, as well as Bev and Carrot and his illustrated spanking stories.