Thursday, November 12, 2015

Lover Our Lurkers 10

Hello, and welcome to

Yes, it's the 2015 edition of LOVE OUR LURKERS DAY.

The premise here is simple:  We know that, every day, people come to our blogs, look at what we may have written, look at the pictures, and then leave--all without leaving a comment.  And that, of course, is fine.

But on this day, we want all of you to stop and step out of that anonymous shell.  Let us know you're out there.  In other words, just during LOL day--leave a comment.

It's doesn't have to be anything lengthy.  You can just say<"hi".  Maybe say where you're from.  You can tell us what you like about our blogs--or don't like, for that matter.  The content of your message is up to you--but please comment!

We bloggers show our love for This Thing We Do and for you by continuing to post.  This November 12th and 13th is your chance to step forward and give some of that love back.  Show your appreciation to your favorite blogs.  Afterward, you can go back to lurking for the rest of the year.

But for today and tomorrow, visit your favorite blogs and leave us a message!  Let us know you're out there and what you're thinking.  I know all of us who blog would love it if you did, because we all really do LOVE OUR LURKERS!

(FYI:  Like many other bloggers, I moderate all the responses that I get, which means I get to review them first and will then put them up later.  So don't panic if you don't see your comment right away.  It will show up eventually.  I eliminate all spam on the blog this way.)


an English Rose said...

Hi, I often come and lurk here. Just saying.....
Have a great day
love Jan,xx

Aimless Rambling said...

Hey Dr. Ken. Happy LOL day. I drop by often. Just a note, send your URL over to Hermione so she can add your blog to the list.

ronnie said...

I'm a lurker here more than I comment but I do enjoy my visit with you.

Happy LOL day.


Dr. Ken said...

an English Rose -- You are always welcome to come here and lurk. And I appreciate your adding a comment today! (Just saying....)

Leigh Smith -- Hi, Leigh, and thanks for the comment! Hermione already has me on the list, no worries. But thanks for looking out for me!

ronnie -- I enjoy your visits, as well, and always appreciate it when you comment! I hope you continue to visit often! Sending some blog love your way,
Dr. Ken

Madame said...

Coucou from France.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dr. Ken. My name is Christine. I come here a couple of times a week. I enjoy the blog, mainly because I think it'd be fun to be the girl getting spanked in some of these pics. Anyhoo, just thought I'd say hey.

Enzo said...

Hi Dr. Ken -
I don't consider myself a lurker here since visit often and comment when I can.

Since you are on my longtime list of favorite blogs, I thought I should still say hello and say keep up the good work!


Michael M said...

I visit frequently and have enjoyed your blog for a long time.

DJB said...

Just dropping by - good work :)

Lindy Thomas said...

Hi Dr Ken, I've found you and stopping by to say hi and added my name to your followers. Look forward to reading you blogs from now on. Enjoy your LOL day.
cheers Lindy from DOWNUNDER DREAMING. X

Dr. Ken said...

Madame -- Hello from Minnesota! Thanks for adding a touch of the international to my LOL Day!

Christine -- So glad you dropped by and commented! You are correct in thinking that it would be fun for you to be the girl getting spanked. Have you ever had that experience? If not, I sincerely hope you get to explore that someday!

Enze -- No, you're definitely not a lurker. :-) And I always enjoy it when you drop by and leave a comment.

Michael M -- Thank you so much! That's nice to hear. I hope I can keep posting stuff that makes you (and everybody else) want to keep coming back!

Dr. Ken said...

DJB -- Very nice of you to drop by and comment. I'll do my best, and I know you'll do the same with your blog!

lindy thomas --Hi, Lindy! So glad you come to the blog and left a comment! I hope you constantly find something to enjoy here.

Anonymous said...

De-lurking to say Hi.
Thanks. Ripley

Minielle Labraun said...

Hi! I often lurk! I don't think I have ever commented! Happy LOL day!

Cat said...

Hey Dr Ken...I do visit but don't think I've ever left a comment. Happy LOL Day. ;)

Hugs and blessings…Cat

Dr. Ken said...

Ripley -- Thanks for taking the time to de-lurk and say hello! That's what LOL Day is all about!

Minelle Labraun -- I don't think you've ever commented before, either. I'm pretty sure I would have remembered a lovely name like Minelle. :-) Lurk to your hearts content, but thanks for breaking your silence today!

Cat -- I'm more than happy to have you visit. A comment isn't mandatory, but I'm certainly glad you chose to leave one today!

Blondie said...

Well I will have to admit that I am mostly a lurker when I stop by and read. I know that I have commented at least once though. I love your blog. Happy LoL Day

Bonnie said...

Hi Dr. Ken,

I hope you enjoyed our LOL Days. You attracted a fine collection of lurkers!


Dr. Ken said...

Blondie -- I think you've commented more than once, actually--and I'm glad you did so again! Thanks for adding to my LOL Day!

Minielle Labraun said...

Thank you Dr Ken. I made up that name for a sibling much younger than I was. I figure it has changed hands!

jimc said...

I do not consider myself a lurker anymore, but I couldn't not comment on LOL day. I love your voyeur picture of Teen Jessica otk through the window as a great lurking picture. I do go to other blogs through your blog so you are a conduit to many of the other blogs I have found. Thank you and have a great day.

Dr. Ken said...

Jim -- You're certainly not a lurker, but the beauty of LOL Day is that anyone can leave a comment. Yes, we want lurkers to come out for the moment, but regular posters are certainly welcome to write something, too!