Saturday, August 24, 2013

Radio Spanko

One of the recurring features of this blog--if it can be said to actually have any recurring features--is a little something I call "Radio Spanko"--comments relating to spanking that I happen to hear on the radio.  The remarks almost exclusively come from a station in the Minneapolis/ St. Paul area of Minnesota called MyTalk 107.1 FM, and the vast majority of the time the source is "The Lori and Julia Show" which is on from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday.  I have, from the very first, suspected that Lori might be a bit of a spanko--if anyone on the show is going to mention "spanking", it's her--but, of course, I have no way of confirming that suspicion.  Julia might enjoy a little bit of spanking every now and then, too, but certainly not to the same extent as Lori--again, that's pure speculation on my part.

I haven't mentioned "Radio Spanko" for some time, mostly because I haven't caught any references to it on the station.  That doesn't mean they haven't been there, it just means that I don't hear every single minute of every program.  "Radio Spanko" finally flared up (only a teeny-tiny bit) on Friday during their second day of broadcasting from the Minnesota State Fair.  (I'm relying on my memory, here, so any quotes are most definitely not 100% accurate.)

The subject was casting for the Fifty Shades of Grey movie.  One of the latest to be mentioned for the male lead role was actor Charlie Hunnam from Sons Of Anarchy (and other things).  As their show was winding down for the day, Julia announced that there was a new name being mention for the lead role--Charlie Hunnam was no longer being rumored, and some new name was being bandied about in his place.

Lori sounded positively distraught upon hearing the news, telling Julia to not go ripping Charlie Hunnam away from the role.  Julia said she couldn't help it, it was just "breaking news" (although I can't honestly recall her ever mentioning the new name rumored for the role).

Lori protested, finally proclaiming, "Okay, I'll just say it.  He would be such a good spanker!"

Julia replied, "What you mean is you want him to spank you."

Let's just say that Lori didn't exactly rush to deny it..... :-)


Enzo said...

Just stopping by and glad to hear Radio Spanko is still going strong!

Keep up the good work Dr. Ken

Dr. Ken said...

Enzo -- glad to see you're still going strong, too. There hasn't been much to report from my radio listening lately, but I'm keeping my ears open....