Friday, February 22, 2013

Also Dr. Ken's Spankable Bottom Of The Week

I don't usually do two of these in one week, but as I said in the previous post, I'm sort of making up for lost time.  So, why not?

"Spankable bottom" is kind of a strange term.  I mean, technically, every bottom is "spankable".  Photos of spanking models, or models in general, are idealized visions of what a spankable bottom could be, and are designed to make the spanker's palm itch.  But not all spankees look like spanking models.  In fact, if you're a spanker and are only considering women who look like the models you see on the pay sites--boy, are you going to be waiting a long time to find someone to spank!

Spankable women come in all shapes and sizes.  They're not all models.  They're the girl next door, the lady working next to you or in the cubicle two rows down.  They're the woman on the bus, the lady ahead of you in the grocery store, and they look very much like your average, everyday person.  I've said this before, sure, but it's still true.  They're short, they're tall, they're petite, they carry some extra pounds.  It's not how they look that makes them spankable.  It's more of a mind set, an attitude--a look and a glint in their eye that's says there's a naughty girl bubbling under the surface, and what are you gonna do about it?

Wherever you are right now, look around you.  Three of the women who just walked past you are secretly wishing they had a boyfriend/husband that would turn them bottom side up and give them a good spanking.  And if you're only looking for someone resembling a spanking model--you missed them, and you missed out.  What's more important--that they look like a spanking model, or are actually interested in being spanked?  If you're a spanker looking for a spankee, I should think the answer to that one is obvious.

I'm still going to post a "Spankable Bottom" of the week, and yes, it'll be a model.  They're the ones who pose for the pictures, after all.  But keep in mind what I just said.  You just might manage to have more fun in the future if you do.


Enzo said...

Great Post - Well said Dr Ken..well said indeed.

The only thing I am not sure I agree with is that 3 out of the random number of women around me are into spanking; but then again if I don't ask how do I know right?

Dr. Ken said...

Enzo -- Thank you! "3", as you say, is a random number that I just picked out of thin air. I guess it all depends on where you are at the moment!

Anonymous said...

it sounds like u give a woman a well spank bottom,thats what i am looking for.i am moving to mpls,mn soon and very interesting in u giving me a spanking.if interested e mail me

Dr. Ken said...

Anonymous--No guarantees, of course, but let me know when you get here.