Saturday, September 1, 2012

Drawing On The Archives

It's State Fair time here in Minnesota, so naturally that means that the weather will be as hot as possible.  Or maybe the heat is just a result of all that deep-fried food on a stick.

Either way, the temperature has been in the low to mid-90's, which--in my opinion--is just too hot to do any serious kind of blogging.  So I decided that I would just delve into the archives and post a picture or two.  I came up with a couple of drawings by the same artist, and 5 old NuWest pictures.  I could post one set today, and save the other set for a later date.  But which ones should I choose?

I decided to go with the drawings for two reasons:

One, I hope someone out there can tell me a little something about the artist.  Other than the signature and the year on the drawings, I know nothing.  (Wow....just had a Sgt. Schulz/Hogan's Heroes flashback, there....)

Two, I hope one of you kind people will translate the dialogue balloons for me.  It would be nice to finally know just what is really being said.

Here are the drawings....enjoy!


Hermione said...

Plass, plass? That's an interesting phoenetic interpretation of the sound of a spanking.

Sorry I can't help with the translations.


Enzo said...

I agree with Hemione that those are some interesting interpretations of the sound...

The cartoons are in Spanish.
Here are the "rough" translations in order for you to follow along the words easier.

Both pieces are titled.

Violinist after the Concert:
" You made several errors on several occasions
and all due to lack of studying. After today, I shall be more serious with you young lady. You are very irresponsible."

"I am sorry…Mister Director. It shall not happen again."

The Pilgrimage (more like Pioneering I would say)
"I shall obey you and make you eggs with fried potatoes"

Njspank said...

I just love drawings, sexy in there own way

web-ed said...

Sorry, but I've never seen anything by this artist before - wish I could help.

sixofthebest said...

The first spanking is 'beautiful music to my ears'. the second I would 'egg' him on, to give her a good spanking.

Dr. Ken said...

Hermione -- I agree. Maybe it's short for "applause"? (No, definitely not!)
It is interesting, though, that even sound effects are heard and spelled differently in other languages. Even the sound a barking dog makes--I seem to recall reading a passage in (I think) French years ago, and where we might have a dog going "woof" or "arf" or even "bark", this dog was going, "paf paf".

Language--ain't it wonderful?

Dr. Ken said...

Enzo--thanks for the translation! I would never have guessed the second one was about eggs and potatoes. Sounds like a heart attack waiting to happen, but if that's what he wants to eat....

Njspank -- I've come to appreciate drawings and illustrations on spanking more and more. When I first started browsing the web, all I was interested in were actual pictures. Now, I find both photos and artwork to be very satisfying.

web-ed -- thanks for checking!

sixofthebest -- very punny! :-)