Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Brief Conversation (OT)

"You know, I............"


"Isn't that strange!  I just completely forgot what I was going to say!"

"Could it have been, "I wonder what happened to my bathing suit?"

"Oddly enough, no.  I wonder why my mind blanked out like that?"

"You've been possessed by aliens?"

"That's the answer you go to?  Alien possession?"

"Alien possession would knock all of your thoughts out of your head and replace them with their thoughts.  And aliens don't wear bathing suits, either."

"I have NOT been possessed by aliens!"

"That's exactly what a human possessed by an alien would say."

"Trust me....that's not it."

"They'd say that, too."

"Oh, for heaven's sake!  I have not been possessed!!"

"Okay, now I'm inclined to believe you, 'cause I'm pretty sure an alien would have no concept of 'heaven'."

"Oh?  Are you saying that all aliens are godless heathens?"

"  But I imagine they have their own deity that they worship."

"I wonder what they call him...or her....or it....."

"Something strange, I"m sure, like.....the Great....Barfini or something."


"Sure.  'The Great Barfer in the Sky, from whom all alien life on their planet spewed forth after a weekend binge of bad seafood."

"That's disgusting."

"The Great Barfini cares not what you think...."

"You're going to stick with that name, are you?"

"First thing that came to my mind."

"Barfini?  So the alien deity is....what?.... Italian?"

"Oh, good thinking!  Yes!  And that's why the aliens are out there flying through space.  They're seeking their deity!"

"So why come to Earth?"

"Because that's where Italy is!"

"This is probably the strangest conversation I've had this week....."

"It's only Thursday.  Give it time...."

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