Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I've mentioned this before--I watch an awful lot of television. And thanks to the "On Demand" feature on my cable network, I'm watching more shows than ever before, catching up with programs I'd normally never get to see.

It should come as no surprise, then, that I'm stumbling across more of what I call "RSM"s--Random Spanking Moments, those one-smack wonders that can't really be called "spankings" but catch my attention, nonetheless. For example, I saw one while catching up on the second season of Dexter. Dexter's sister gets a playful smack from an FBI agent played by Keith Carradine in a cute little flirty scene. Since that was a few years ago, I'm sure it's been documented elsewhere and there are probably clips of it floating around.

Most recently I came across a few RSM's on a show on TRUtv called, Full Throttle Saloon. It chronicles the events that take place at a bar during the big yearly biker rally in Sturgis. The focus is mainly on the bar owner, his girlfriend, and the various people that work there. Interspersed with the main storylines are shots of the patrons, the various events going on at the bar, the dancers and the female bartenders.

In a recent episode that I saw (Season 3, episode 5, I believe) one of the bartenders twirls up a bar towel and snaps it across the backside of a second bartender. It must have stung, because the second girl grabbed the towel out her hands pretty darn quick. This happened about 3 minutes into the episode.

Later, about 21 minutes in, we once again see some bartender hijinks. One of the girls addresses the camera while a lovely blonde in the background is serving a customer. The girl looks at the camera and says, "Marsha's going to get it now." She starts moving quietly toward the blonde, pausing to dip her hands in a huge bucket of ice water. She sneaks up behind the girl, reaches out carefully, pulls her skirt up to reveal a lovely bottom in a green thong, then hauls back and plants a good solid, icy wet smack to her bottom. Marsho grabs her stinging bottom, laughing, while the prankster walks away with both arms held up in victory.

In episode 8, we're treated to a shot of four female patrons who are there for the evening's festivities. One of the girls in the middle of the group turns her back to the camera and flips up her skirt, revealing maroon panties with the letters "U S M C" written across the back in gold letters. The two girls on either side of her take advantage of this to playfully smack her bottom a few times--very lightly, I assure you, but still a fun little moment.

So keep your eyes open. TV is probably full of these RSMs. If you watch it....they will spank.

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