Sunday, December 11, 2011

Photo Caption Fun

Rona quickly came to the realization that Dave had been lying when he'd said, "This is going to hurt me more than it does you."


Lea said...

They are ALWAYS lying when they say that. It almost makes me want to reply with "Oh, wanna trade spots then?" Lol!

vfrat25000 said...

OK…OK…You can watch your Football Playoffs this afternoon….We can watch the Oprah Christmas Special tomorrow on the DVR…!

I’m Sorry…….I guess I remembered it wrong…It wasn’t $20 Dollars, it was closer to $2000 dollars….I knew it had a “2” in it….I’m Sorryyy…!

You win….You win….My Mother isn’t coming to Hawaii with us, I promise…!

I thought you would think it was funny when I poured a pitcher of ice water on you in the shower…I guess not…Owwwwww..!

How was I supposed to know that the kid’s Chocolate ice cream and bubble gum would make such a mess in the interior of your Porsche?

Ever since he found those spanking blogs and websites I can’t get away with anything….or sit down…!

Stop it immediately or I am going to call my mother……Your mother is the one who gave me this suggestion; the next five swats are from her….Owwwwww…!

I’ll be Kate McClintock and you can be John Wayne tonight….but please don’t make me chase after you in our cul-de-sac dressed in my underwear

This can’t be what Dr. Phil meant when he said we should do more things together

Dr. Ken said...

Lea--it's one of those phrases they teach us in the Top Handbook...

vfrat25000--I can see that you're an overachiever....LOL