Thursday, June 4, 2009

Radio Spanko Strikes Again

My favorite, Talk Radio station was at it again. And this time, it wasn't my favorite drive-time diva and possible spanko, but a different show entirely!

There is a program on earlier in the day on FM 107.1 ("Living Life Out Loud") featuring a husband-and-wife announcing team. Their names are Ian and Marjorie. I didn't hear this particular episode, but the subject seemed to be household budgets, and they were on the phone with a lady talking about the subject. (I don't remember the exact dialogue, so this somewhat paraphrased).

Ian asked the caller, "So, in your household, do you get an allowance, or does your husband get an allowance?"

The caller--I don't remember her name, but let's call her "Carol"-- replied, "I'm the one who gets the allowance. Forty dollars a week--and when it's gone, it's gone."

Ian has quite a sense of humor, and apparently couldn't resist asking, "And if you go over your budget for the week--is it a spankin'?"

And Carol, not missing a beat, replied, "Well, if that were the case, I'd be over budget every week!"

(Sounds like my kind of woman!)

And in case you're wondering how I heard about this--the radio station took that snippet of conversation from the program and is using it as a promotional ad for the show--so, for now, it runs every few hours during commercial breaks!


Hermione said...

How hysterical! Not only the clip itself, but the fact that it is being used as a promo!

It's sort of like that country singer Billy Bob Thornton who was interviewed on a CBC radio program. he was extremely rude, calling Canadians as interesting as mashed potatoes without gravy. He was subsequently booed off the stage when he tried to perform, and cancelled the rest of the tour. Now the program has large ads in the newspaper with the slogan "Making mashed potatoes interesting since 2007.


Michael said...

My kind of radio show and caller. Thanks, Dr. Ken.

Hermione, I heard about Billy Bob Thornton and saw a clip from the show of him being a rude jerk. So glad he was booed, and then he wasn't even man enough to continue the tour. What an idiot.

Dr. Ken said...

I would just like to point out that this post just got a mention from Chross in his most recent "Spankings Of The Week" post.
The upshot of that was a total of 2,009 visitors to the blog on Friday, June 12th.
It's the second time a post of mine has gotten a mention. I'm thrilled beyond words.
Thank you, Chross!

Dr. Ken

Hermione said...

SO that would mean you've been double-Chrossed.

Congratulations, Dr. K!