Tuesday, June 17, 2008

This And That

A couple of unrelated topics this time........

Look for the trailer of a film called Mama's Boy, starring Jon Heder, Diane Keaton and Jeff Daniels. Jon Heder plays a 29-year-old who still lives with his single mother, Diane Keaton. This sweet set-up is disrupted when she takes up with her self-help guru (Jeff Daniels) and he moves in. Hilarity ensues.....although many critics seemed to feel otherwise.

The only reason I mention this DVD is because, in the TV trailer, there's a scene where Jeff Daniels and Diane Keaton are obvously feeling frisky. He picks her up and slings her over his shoulder and as he goes down the hallway to the bedroom, he's rapidly applying a series of spanks to Diane's backside while she shrieks and laughs. The spanks are very light, I might add.....more like taps or pats.

It's not much of a spanking--calling it a "spanking" might, in fact, be generous--but it's kind of cute. And there's not much else to watch on TV at the moment.

The other thing I wanted to talk about--as you can imagine, when you have a blog, you get people who want to exchange links with you. It's one way for people to become aware that you have a blog--they see a link on another site and click on it to give it a try. Sometimes I've written people asking for a link, sometimes they write to me.

I had someone do that not too long ago. And my initial response was, "Sure, why not?" Before I add a link here, though, I usually like to go to their site first and check it out. I did that, and the first post I saw was titled, "Naked Filthy B**ches Spanked and F**ked". (The censoring, btw, is mine.)

At which point, my response became, "Okay, that's why not."

I'm hardly a prude, and I certainly know the words, although you'll notice I try not to use that kind of language here (and I certainly don't mind the "naked" part). :-) And I know there are plenty of people who are not bothered by it, and even some who like it. But I've had the good fortune to play with a number of ladies over the years, and for the most part, they've all been terrific people. And I have way too much love and respect for all of them--past and present--to refer to them or talk about them in a degrading and disrespectful manner.

So I choose not to associate myself with that, and that's one link that won't be going up here. If that means a few less people find their way here, so be it. I'm going to have to review the current links that I have and see if there are any others that I might need to drop.

That's all for today. I think a trip to Barnes & Noble might be in order for the rest of the day, as well as a stop for some Chinese takeout. Love that Lo Mein.......


Michael said...

Dr. Ken, I applaud you on your decision not to include this link, and to review your existing links. Such a view of women is rude, insulting, misogynistic and has nothing to do with being a true spanko. Very good, Doc.


Michael said...

Also, thanks for the movie info, I'll check it out.

Melissa said...

I don't like those type of sites either and I'm glad you didn't include it.

CJ said...

Thank you Dr. Ken for a value system that respects all people!

I really like your site and the fact I can trust your links.


Anonymous said...

In general, I don't reply to those who leave comments on my blog or send me e-mails just to ask to exchange links.

Perhaps I have a somewhat quixotic view of this, but I personally don't link to blogs that I don't read. I also don't particularly like the concept of asking the author of every blog you come across that's remotely in the same vein to exchange links just to get your site out there one more place. I much prefer the community aspect of actually having some connection to the blogs I link to, or at least having a personal interest in the site.

Cheryl said...


I also was unfortunate enough to have seen this person's site and believe me, there's very little spanking going on. I have a feeling that the people you inform and entertain with your blog won't miss that filth one bit.
BTW, are you going to be attending the CM party next month? If so, I want to get on your dance card early.

Hermione said...

Dr. Ken - I agree, that wasn't a blogworthy link.

Devising guidelines for which blogs to link to is just one of the many things to consider when starting a blog. I decided that, besides my friends and blogs I read regularly, I would include links to blogs that send readers to mine. I assume they have already added my link to their blog or included it in a post. That has worked out pretty well in most cases. But I would draw the line at a blog I considered objectionable.


Dr. Ken said...

Michael--I agree. A true spanko knows the worth of a good play partner. They are someone to be cherished.
If you can find a TV ad, or even a preview on another DVD for the movie, that's probably best. I don't know if the DVD is worth renting just for that little bit of bottom-tapping--and I'm pretty sure you see all there is to see of it in the trailer.

Melis--I don't blame. I'm glad you agree with my decision.

CJ--The links I've reviewed so far all seem to be ok. The vast majority of them are personal blogs, like mine. I didn't see anything objectionable on the others, so I think the blog roll is fine, for now.

Fireman Chris--That's probably the best way to go about it.

Cheryl--Yes, I'll be there. The hotel information arrived today, and I just finished booking my flight. So I'll definitely see you there!

Hermione--very sensible. For the most part, the links I put up were blogs I read daily, and then some blogs that I looked in on occasionally. If I see and read a blog I like, I'll put a link up and propose an exchange. Only a handful of times has someone approached me, and as you read, this last one I just couldn't bring myself to approve.

Anonymous said...

Hi. Your blog I like to very much enjoy it.

To trade links thusly I would like very much to engage.



p.s. just kidding ;))

Anonymous said...

Dr. Ken, this was a wise decision on your part and I applaude you for your consideration. Even though in England calling a person the b-word I have been told is a compliment. LOL! I don't see how that is a compliment but I am glad that you went through your blogs and seen to it that those types of links aren't connected to yours in anyway! I respect you more for that!

Cheryl, are you sure you want Dr. Ken to spank you that early on his spanking dance card? LOL!

Radha said...

I thank you for the link to my blog! I linked you because I like everything and anything Minnesotan - specially those that spank! Aside from the usual exchange of links, I am curious why people link up, so this conversation is interesting to me.

Dr. Ken said...

Dave-- Please be sticking link that is yours where shining sun does not appear.
LOL....good one, Dave!

Pest--Yes, Cheryl is sure. I'm very good for a warm-up, pre-heavy play sort of spanking.

Radha--You wrote:"I thank you for the link to my blog! I linked you because I like everything and anything Minnesotan - specially those that spank!"
Well, yes--that would be me. I'm Minnesotan and I definitely spank! :-)
One of the stats I can access is "Came From"--the name of the site they were at before clicking a link and coming here. (If not at a site, it will show the search string). I remember seeing some people getting here from your site, which I hadn't heard of at the time, so I checked it out and saw that you already had a link for me! So I read your blog entries and then thought it only fair to add your link on MY blog.
We Midwesterners need to stick together....

Radha said...

That's right, we midwesterners need to stick together. You betcha!

Dr. Ken said...

Radha--especially those midwesterners who like to spank and/or be spanked.
Ya, sure..... :-)