Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Worth Paying For

As seems to happen all too often, I have to present you with a Bad News/Good News scenario.

The bad news is that a couple of blogs that I enjoyed have ceased publishing, and so I have had to take them off of my blog roll. In each case I'm sure the author felt they had a good reason for stopping, and it's up to us to respect that.

The good news is that I've added a new section that I'm calling Worth Paying For. These are my favorite commercial pay sites and I think they are well worth the money. I'm either currently a member or have been a member of each of these sites in the past. All of these have been reviewed elsewhere--you're not going to find any brand new sites mentioned here--but if you're thinking of becoming a member of a spanking site, keep these in mind.

The first site is, of course, Punished Brats. This is probably my favorite site, and just may be the best spanking site on the web. Of course, that's just my opinion.

First off, I like the payment format. Let me just say that I'm all in favor of any site that offers some form of non-recurring membership. You can sign up for one month, or 3 months, give the site a try-out, and if you decide you don't want to renew the membership for some reason, you can just let it lapse. You don't have to jump through hoops to notify someone that you wish to cancel. Punished Brats--or PB--does offer these non-recurring memberships.

PB updates 3 times a week. The movies and photos are all well-lit. There's nothing worse than going to a site, trying to download a movie clip, and then upon viewing discovering that it's so darkyou can barely make out what's going on. Or wanting to download a photo only to see that it looks like half of it is in shadow and half in light. Why pay for something like that? Thankfully, PB does not have this problem. Everything is well lit and well composed.

The models are, of course, exquisite. You have wonderful regulars like Amber Pixie Wells, Beverly Bacci, Juliet Valentina, Chloe Elise and Sarah Gregory. And they always seem to come up with some lovely newcomers, such as the lady in the photo below, Helen Lei.
Probably the thing that I like the most about Punished Brats, though, is their sense of humor. That's right, humor. They never lose their sense of fun, and spanking--no matter how serious it may seem-should be fun. And that sense of fun comes out in their scenarios. Sure, they have all the normal ones--naughty niece and stern Uncle, teacher and misbehaving school girl, etc. But how about Goldilocks being interrogated by a police officer about a break-in at the Three Bears place? Or the gameskeeper of a certain school for magic dealing with a female student who smuggled a forbidden book out of the library? Or a young lady being sentenced to help out in the making of a "How to Spank" video? There's a certain amount of imagination and whimsy at work here, and that makes Punished Brats a site "worth paying for".

If you like spanking illustrations, then it should come as no surprise to you that the next site I would highly recommend is EndArt's Adult Spanking Art, Illustrations and Spanking Links--usually referred to just as EndArt.

The monthly membership is a very low price. Every month you get about 14 new illustrations, along with a new episode in the continuing adventures of Pamalee. There may also be additional content, such as an illustrated Random story, or an episode of Carrot and Bev, two other creations of his.

This illustration, called Warm Under Plaid, is one of my favorites (and my thanks to for giving me permission to use it here):

If you like illustrations of sassy young ladies before, during and/or after a good bottom warming--you definitely want to join Endart.

That brings me to my final favorite site. Now, I'll admit it--I'm a sucker for exotic beauty. And there's something about the lovely ladies of Japan that takes my breath away. Their grace, their charm--there's a timeless beauty to them. Maybe that's why I'd like to turn them over my knee and paddle their cute little bottoms--I want to shake up and shatter that veneer.

That's probably why I like the site This is a Japanese site. It features only females spanking females, and only spanking by hand. If you want paddles and canes and whips and whatever, you'll have to look elsewhere.

I have had a few minor quibbles about this site, although I think it's mostly a case of my personal preferences not quite matching up with those of the site. And a lot of it may simply be attributable to the growing pains the site went through when it was getting started. For example, is it customary for Japanese girls to wear two pairs of underwear? You do see that in some of the videos. Where the models trying to protect their bottoms and cushion the blows, or is that normal dress?

The site does offer the non-recurring payment option that I like. The quality of the photography is excellent, as are the video clips. English subtitles are available on the .wmv video downloads. No attempt is made to download every syllable, but you get enough to make sense of what is going on. The scenarios have a universal theme--here you have naughty daughters being tended to by their mothers, roommates taking each other to task, teachers providing a painful lesson to students. The site is very fond of the "reversal" idea, so very often the tables get turned and the spanker becomes the spankee.

(photo taken from

And there you have it--my three favorite sites. I have links to all three on the right-hand side of this page. Give them a visit, and I hope you give them a try.


Michael said...

Dr. Ken, thanks for the info. Much appreciated. Your reviews were very enlightening. I used to be a member of EndArt and was very pleased with what was offered, both in quality and quantity. I'll check out the other sites.


Spanking OTK said...

Hello, I like your blog. If you like we could exchange links betwen our blogs. Let me know!!!


Dr. Ken said...

Michael--thanks. I think Punished Brats is my favorite site overall. I just like the attitude they apply to our favorite subject.

Spanking OTK--Thanks, I will!

Dave said...

If you dig the impressive Asian site Hand-Spanking, you may want to give the quite similar Cutie Spankee a whirl. :)

p.s. btw, this guy has been spamming *everyone* with this annoying exact email. His so-called blog is just one large ad with zero original content.

Spanking OTK said...

Hello, I like your blog. If you like we could exchange links betwen our blogs. Let me know!!!