Monday, July 11, 2016

Out With The Old -- pt. 1

I have a system.

When it comes to the photos I use on this blog, I have a simple system in place to help me avoid re-using the same photo.  When I use a picture and finish the post, I'll simply move the archived picture from it's original spot in "folder A" to "folder B"--or I might just delete it, depending on the photo.  Obviously, I know that anything in "Folder B" has been used by me already and therefore should not be used again in another post.  It's a simple but effective system.

When I remember to do it, that is.

The system works best when I finish up whatever post I'm writing and then move the photos right away.  Too often, though, for a variety of reasons, it doesn't get done right away, and I tell myself that I'll do it tomorrow.  And then another day goes by, and another, and--well, it doesn't get done.  And then, weeks later, when I'm preparing a post and want to use a photo from "Folder A" I wind up looking at it and thinking, "Wait a minute--did I just use this one recently?"  My memory doesn't always serve me well, and I don't want to spend an inordinate amount of time digging through my past posts trying to find if I've used it or not.  So I wind up sitting at the computer, staring at an image, and wondering whether I should use it or not.

That's the dilemma I'm currently facing.

I have a folder with a number of pictures, and I'm almost positive that I've used some of them before--but I'm not sure.  (There are some photos in the folder that I know I haven't used, too.)  So, for the next three days, I'm just going to clean out the folder and post everything in there--something like 21 picture files.  If they look way too familiar to you--my apologies, I probably used it before and forgot.  Hopefully the other pictures that I haven't used will make up for it.

So--let's start cleaning out that folder!



jimc said...

I do not think it is so much you have posted them before, but so many do come from like oriented magazines or old files. My collection was based solely on what I enjoyed (otk position, angles, model, etc.) I too could not remember that I had seen it before and one day when I had some time and I was trying to sort it a little better I found that I did have an even dozen of one and each was in a different magazine (Many Parliament Press were like that) and it really surprised me as I thought I had never seen it before and I had 12 of it in my collection. So thank you for sharing all that you do and even if you repeat them they may not have been seen by someone and it is new to them. Keep them coming. Thanks again and have a great day.

Dr. Ken said...

Jim -- I have the same duplication problem. Even now when I go to download some picture I'd be willing to swear I'd never seen before, I get the little message letting me know the file already exists. And then I find it under a different file name in archive "A", and also in archive "B"....etc., etc.