Monday, August 25, 2014

Yet Again

I really have no intention of making these close-up photos of spankees faces into a regular feature, like "Spankable Saturday" or "Silent Sunday".  ("Friday's Faces", anyone?)

It's just that I have something like 33 pictures of ladies reacting while they're OTK getting their bottom smacked.  And the only way to use them up is to do a few more posts on the subject.



sixofthebest said...

Dr. Ken, I like these photo's, for my belief is that if a man spanks a woman on her bare bottom, she should not only feel it on that part of her anatomy, but show the winch on her face.

sixofthebest said...

I do enjoy these anguished faces of females undergoing a good spanking. Their wincing faces tells me that they painfully feel the corporal punishment that they are receiving on their naked rear ends.

Dr. Ken said...

I like these types of photos because they tell us that there is more to the lady being spanked than just her bottom. Too often the camera just shoots close-ups (sometimes extreme close-ups of the girl's derriere, ignoring the fact that there IS a whole woman attached to that body part and that what is going on elsewhere is just as photogenic and fun to look at.