Friday, April 23, 2010

TV Surprises

I watch a lot of TV. I mean, a lot!

When I'm at work, I'm able to listen to my radio via a headset nearly the entire time I'm there. I'm usually tuned to my favorite Talk Radio station, or to the Minnesota Twins baseball game. I can practically do my job in my sleep, so having the radio on is not a distraction.

And when I get home-- I'm not married, I'm not seeing anyone, and I have no one to spank on a regular basis (going to the Chicago Crimson Moon spanking parties twice a year does not qualify as a "regular basis")--the desire for some form of entertainment is high on the list. That's where the TV comes in.

I have a tendency to record TV shows to watch later on, and the number of shows to watch can pile up rather quickly. I'm almost always lagging 3 weeks behind. This actually suits me just fine. It means that, late at night, when the cable stations are nothing but 70 channels of infomercials, I've got a primetime program I can watch.

The downside to this, of course, is....well, I'm 3 weeks behind. And when it comes to some programs, I don't want to know what happened "last night". And woman who tries to tell me what happened in the series finale of Ugly Betty or what Locke did last night on Lost will have her bottom introduced to the hard flat back of a hairbrush very quickly.

I do all of this radio listening and TV watching for entertainment, of course. But as an extra added bonus, I will occasionally come across something about spanking that I can tell you about here on my blog. So, on the plus side, I get material to write about. On the down sidie, once again, is the fact that if I see or hear something on a TV show to tell you about, it happened 3 weeks ago, and you've probably already seen it for yourself, or heard any one of 57 other blogs out there write about it, and Chross probably already has a video clip of it in his archives.

(That last one, by the way, is not a bad thing--it means that you can go see it for yourself rather than rely on my faulty memory to recreate the dialogue and tell you what happened.)

All of this is a rather long-winded explanation to let you know why I'm reporting on a few TV "startles" several weeks after they were actually on the air, as opposed to writing about them right after they happened and everything was fresh and new in my memory.

The first bit happened on the CBS show, Two And A Half Men". Chiropractor Alan Harper (played by Jon Cryer) is in his office, seeing an older but attractive patient who is complaining of back pain. He has her get up on what looks like a massage table, and he begins kneading her back. The lady begins to moan--and not from pain. As he continues to work on her back, she tells him that no one has touched her like that since she divorced her husband. Alan keeps trying to work, the lady's moans continue until she's practically drumming the air with her hands, and she suddenly commands, "Spank me!"

Caught by surprise, Alan says, "What?" (It's about at this point that the camera goes from the interior of the office to the reception area, where the new receptionist is overhearing everything.)

We hear the lady again say, "Spank me!" Alan tries to protest only to have the lady yell out, "Spank my lonely ass!" And then we hear some very distinctive smacking noises that we're probably all very familiar with. The camera is focused on the receptionist, who does a wonderful job os underplaying her reaction to what is happening, letting the bizarreness of the situation carry the comedy. The noise stops, the lady leaves the office promising to be back next week, and Alan is left awkwardly trying to talk to the receptionist as she just stares at him. He finally gives her someof the money the client gave him (hopefully buying her silence, I'm sure) and might have even offered her the rest of the day off.

Subsequent meetings with this client are referred to throughout the rest of the episode, although none are shown and I believe no further reference to spanking is made.

As a nice tag at the end of the show, we see the client once again leaving Alan's office, and Alan is once again left caught in an uncomfortable stare from the new receptionist. He once again tries to offer her something, but the receptionist comes up with a counteroffer--she wants the same kind of "treatment" that the previous client got! (I wonder if that included the spanking?)

A second startled occurred during a 30-second spot for an upcoming new show on NBC called, "Romantically Challanged", starring Alyssa Milano. During the montage of clips from the show that made up the ad, there's a scene between two men. The first is asking about the other's date the previous night, and the second man tells him it went fine, although the girl does have one small "quirk".

The camera immediately cuts to a shot of him sitting on the sofa, while his date stands to his left, somewhat bent at the waist, her hands braced on the sofa arm, and she's saying, "Tell me I've been a bad girl and spank me!"

As it was just an ad, I've no idea if he actually did spank her or not, and if he did, was any of it shown.

I'll let you know in about 3 weeks. :-)


Hermione said...

Oh, I wish I'd seen that episode. The previews for 2 1/2 Men often include yummy references (like "How come you're the one who always gets spanked?") but the actual episodes I have watched weren't very good.

We tape our TV watching too; rarely ever watch in real time.

Thanks for sharing, Dr. Ken.


Anonymous said...

Tee hee, I was just about to make the two very same comments that Hermione did.

So- what she said!

Hermione said...

Poppy, stop reading my mind - LOL. We are so on the same wavelength sometimes!


I've seen that as a clip on YouTube.

Here is the address to copy and paste.


Dr. Ken said...

Hermione--Recording and watching at your own leisure makes life a whole lot simpler. I can record a week's worth of programs and then watch them at my own pace, devoting as much (or as little) time to the endeavor as I want.
And, of course, you're welcome. I'm always happy to share.

Poppy--well, in that case...I'll give you the very same answer! :-)

Hermione--oh, my giddy aunt! The two of you on the same wavelength??? Saints preserve us!

Prefectdt--Excellent work! Thanks for running that down!

Chross said...

Hey Dr Ken,

here's the Romantically challenged clip for you :),-its-what-I-do.html


Dr. Ken said...

Chross--I knew it, I just knew it! LOL
Thanks for sending the link. Between you and Prefectdt, we've now got both shows covered.....

Celine said...

Man, I need to spend more time watching t.v. and less time reading spanking blogs apparently ;) Long time reader, first time commenting. I finally decided it's not fair for me to read without writing back.
Cheers, Celine

Dr. Ken said...

Celine--welcome to the blogging world! I'm glad to see you're decided to start commenting. Readers comments can be the lifeblood of a blog, so please feel free!