Tuesday, May 5, 2009


April showers.........

......bring May nudists, apparently. She should be spanked for going outdoors without wearing a raincoat and galoshes.....or anything else, for that matter.

I do like this photo. I like the contrast of the model against the dark background, the blue of the parasol and the splash of color provided by the white and red flowers.

The only thing that would make this photo better, of course, would be a splash of red color applied elsewhere.... :-)


Poppy said...

I agree. Red shoes would be the perfect addition.

Hermione said...

I think red toenails would be perfect!

Ann said...

A red ribbon for her hair would be nice. :)

Dr. Ken said...

Poppy, Hermione, Ann--Those aren't the red "accessories" that I had in mind. Do I need to demonstrate?

(And let me just add here, "I wish!")


Dr. Ken