Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Big Event

Coming this Fall--prepare yourself for the Big Event! Something so awesome--so mind-blowing--that everything else will pale in comparison! It's a story that is going to rock the entire world--and the history of Mankind will never be the same! It's..........

Yes, that's right. After years of indecision and waffling back and forth, Archie Andrews is finally going to pop the question in issue 600 (at an issue per month, that's 50 years of comics, folks!). Blonde Betty Cooper and ultra-rich Veronica Lodge have been friendly--and at times, not-so-friendly--rivals for Archie's affections all through High School. This story is going to look in on the perpetual teenagers after college, and it looks like Archie's finally going to make a choice. There's a 6-issue story arc starting with "The Proposal" in issue 600. The big question that has all the fans buzzing, of course, is: Which one will he choose?

Will it be Betty? Veronica? Or neither? Do the writers have some kind of plot twist to throw our way? Long-time Archie fans bring up the name of an old flame of Archie's as a third possibility--Cheryl Blossom!

Only time will tell, of course. But the writer and the cynic in me keep coming back to a couple of points.

The first I've already mentioned--all the fans are busy debating whether it's going to be Betty or Veronica. The majority of fans seem to think that Betty would be the best choice. But as mentioned, the only thing the promo cover says is, "Who will he marry?"--which means it may not necessarily be either one. It could be an entirely new character--not even Cheryl Blossom, necessarily, but someone else. A lady from a foreign country who needs to marry an American in order to stay in the country, for example (yes, that's an old plot twist, but that doesn't mean you can safely eliminate it). Only time will tell.

The other thing is that the focus seems to be on "Who will he choose". Nowhere does it say that the lady, whoever she is, is going to say, "Yes"--or originally say "Yes" and then later on decide to back out.

Whatever happens, it promises to be an interesting story. And Archie, a word of advice: Between now and then, work on developing your skills as shown below--because no matter who you pick, you're going to have your hands full!


Kim said...

Since you're partial to redheads, you're probably leaning towards Cherry Blossom. I don't remember her, but then she might have only been in comic book form and I only remember the cartoon Archie.

I vote for Betty.

Dr. Ken said...

Kim--actually, I'm partial to red bottoms..... :-)

Radha said...

I read your post yesterday, then saw the story on the national news. I had no idea it was such a big deal. Because I was well informed by you, I understood better the excitement about the proposal. Yeah for Veronica (I was Veronica, right?)!

Dr. Ken said...

Radha--Me and CNN--we're like two peas in a pod....LOL
Actually, just getting to the 600th issue is by itself enough reason to celebrate! A big "Yay!" for Archie comics!