Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Speeding Hairbrush re-visited

While looking through my archives and searching for suitable pictures to use for an upcoming post, I came across this drawing. It's the companion piece to the Superman-robot-spanks-Lois-Lane drawing that I used a couple of posts ago ("Faster Than A Speeding Hairbrush").

This is where we learn that Superman was actually guiding the robot into giving Lois a "well-deserved spanking". It also features a nice reverse view of the action, with Lois's round little bottom well positioned for her discipline. You'll notice she's almost coming out of her shoes--that robot may not be using super strength, but he's not holding back by too much!

For some reason, the other picture gets used a lot in posts across the Internet, but this one, not so much. I'm not sure why, but I'm glad I found it--I'd forgotten I even had it!--and I'm more than happy to make the chronicle complete and share it with all of you.


Mina said...

I like this one as well and yes he is a perve and not a little devious to boot.


Sarah said...

Lol x and I will come over here to kiss you as well ha ha x x

Radha said...

Dr. Ken - These superman things are great! It's like getting a glance at mainstream spanking history! Who knew superman was such a spanker. I had no idea!

Dr. Ken said...

Mina--Good to see you here again! Actually, I'd say he's a LOT devious....maybe not as much as Batman.
Now that he and Lois are married, I wonder if he's ever told her the truth about this little incident?

Sarah--And I'll let you. :-)
Hey, I've always said I don't get enough kisses or hugs....

Radha--It probably comes from growing up in Smallville, with all those old-fashioned small town values. He learned that there's value in discipline.
Glad you've enjoyed the glimpse of spanking history--I hope you've learned your lesson... :-)