Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!



Pest said...

Damn I didn't know I had to sign up for another account! Grrrrrrr! But it was worth it!

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY to you Dr. Ken and everyone on here! This day please take a few moments to reflect all the love and joy this day brings to so many people and that you give to others. We should do that ALL the time but this is the day of romance and where it is the strongest!

Unfortunately some people, like me, don't have that but we do hope for that special someone. I guess I should readvise that my love isn't in the same state as me. LOL! We just can't be together on this day but eventually we will!

Oh and this day should be ALL brats free spanking card day UNLESS they WANT a spanking that results in a PINK bottom NOT RED! LOL!

Karl Friedrich Gauss said...

Is "pest" really Anne writing under a different alias? Amazing how one can tell, isn't it?

Do you have comments configured to accept only those with a blogger account, Dr. Ken? There are other ways to do it I believe. Some blogger blogs even accept anonymous comments. Look into your control panel or whatever it is they give you to configure settings.

Happy Valentines day to you too Dr. Ken!

Pest said...

Karl, you should know that it is still me since I use my real name on Devlin's Blog and my screen name here! I rather like "Pest". LOL! Yes you can actually tell since I am the same person!

Sheesh, someone needs to find the brain cell! *WEG*

Karl Friedrich Gauss said...

Hey there Pest, I guess your full length "bad girl" name would be "Pestilence"? Or am I mistaken?
What's the Anne,Sir?

Anyway, just thougth I should let you know, that you're the pest.

Karl Friedrich Gauss said...

Dr. Ken,

You should have called your blog
"Spanking & Minnesota", that way it would have a more meaningful acronym.

Michael said...

Yes, Anne is also known as Pest. That is how I first met her. Very fitting indeed.

So, Dr. Ken, who is this Minnesota and why are we spanking her?

Happy Valentine's Day to all!


Dr. Ken said...

ANNE--you didn't have to sign up to post a comment. There are options below that you could have used. For example, you could have written your comment, and clicked the button where it says, "Name/URL". This opens two boxes. Write "Anne" in the box where opposite "Name" and then click "Publish Your Comment." No account required. Or, as Karl mentioned, you could just click the "Anonymous" button.
And Happy Valentine's Day, Anne!

KARL--according to my screen, all comment options are open.
Calling the blog "Spanking & Minnesota" would be a clever acronym, but also a misleading one. I don't venture into that territory, only into the one tiny subset that is spanking.

MICHAEL--whoever she is, she's a very cold person and definitely could use a good warming up! :-)

Dr. Ken

Gwen said...

A day late but loving wishes nonetheless, Dr. Ken! Best, Gwen

Dr. Ken said...

GWEN--It's never too late to hear from you! Thanks so much for the loving wishes, and I extend the same to you....

Dr. Ken