Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Dreamin' Is Free

I don't have a spanking partner at the moment. That explains why this blog doesn't fall into the "who did I spank today and how and why" category. My girlfriend/bestfriend/spanko soulmate passed away a few years back. I keep hoping to meet someone else--you know, try to move forward, all that sort of thing, but it isn't easy.

In the meantime, I use a variety of things to scratch the spanko itch. I go to spanking parties, usually the ones thrown by Chicago Crimson Moon. I know a lot of people there and have made a lot friends. Still, that only helps about 5 days or so out of the year.

The rest of the time, I get my spanking fix from reading blogs. I also check out free tours of various websites. If I find one that seems interesting, I'll try a 1-month non-recurring membership (if they offer one, that is.) It's a good way to sample what the site has to offer--check out the content, see if they update as often as they claim, find out if the quality is consistent throughout. If I like what I see, I'll sign up for longer--many sites offer a 3-month non-recurring membership, and that seems about right for me. Currently I'm a member of three sites, and they help satisfy the spanking hunger.

I also dream about spanking on occasion. Lately, though, it hasn't been a very satisfying outlet. In fact, I've noticed a disturbing trend of late. Let me relate a couple of dreams to you, and see if you can spot it (it's pretty easy to figure out).

In the first dream, I was standing in a room with a lady I can only assume was my girlfriend. She looked young--real young, almost like she was barely legal age. She had long straight blond hair, a hint of freckles on her face, and she was wearing a red-and-white vertically striped nightgown. She stepped up to me and put her arms around my neck. I hugged her, and then we kissed. I started to use my fingers to slowly pull up her nightgown, bunching the material at her waist. She could feel what I was doing, and grinned at me.

Once I had the nightgown raised, I moved towards a bed that was nearby. I sat down and pulled her over my knee. She was naked from the waist down, and her bottom was in the well-known and perfect OTK position. She realized what was about to happen and started asking, "Why? Why?"

"It's your birthday, silly, " I replied. "How old are you again?"

"32," she said. (Imagine my age and then some!)

I rubbed her bottom lightly, raised my hand....and then there was some sort of interruption, which I can't recall.....and then I woke up.

The second dream is a little more convoluted.

I was in a hotel room in Chicago at a Crimson Moon party with a lady I know quite well. In reality she's one of my favorite people to play with. All she had on was a pair of panties. She apparently had the room next to mine, and in fact there was connecting door between our rooms which was standing open. I took her hand, sat down and helped her get into position across my lap--and her boyfriend walked into the room. He said something was happening outside. She got up and went back into her room, and came back seconds later fully dressed. The two of them took off.

I left the room and went outside--and I was on the grounds of the Playboy Mansion. It must have been a Fun In The Sun day, because there was this hill that had been turned into part of a race course. The sides of the hill were carefully groomed with brown and white sand, looking like a topographical map, and the middle of the hill was completely beaten down.

I walked up the hill on the left side, ruining some of that perfectly groomed sand in the process. At the top of the hill I turned left onto something like a little observation platform behind a railing. Three ladies were standing there and I went over to join them.

Suddenly a lady comes running up the hill. She has short blonde hair, is bare-chested and is wearing sheer blue pantyhose. She drops to her knees at the top of the hill, laughing. Hef himself steps forward to greet her, and they exchange a few words. Suddenly, a lady comes out of the crowd with a folding chair, swings it, and whacks the blonde across the butt with it.

Now, I've never seen anyone get spanked with a folding chair before--I'm not sure it's possible, and it looks more like a WWE match, to be honest--but the lady keeps swinging the chair, smacking the blonde, and each time the blonde makes a little verbal noise and does a hop from the contact.

One of the three ladies I'm standing with says, "I wish that were me."

"That can be arranged," I tell her, and I take her shoulders and start to turn her around and bend her over the railing.

As she feels me pushing her forward to bend her over, she suddenly twists away and says, "No." Gentleman that I am, I back away and leave her alone, although I do say, "You should be careful what you wish for, then."

And then I wake up.

Did you spot the trend? I'm sure you did. In fact, it was the first thing I thought to myself when I woke up--"I don't even get to spank anyone in my own dreams!!"

How pathetic is that??

Maybe I should lay off the spicy food before bedtime.

Or maybe, eat spicier food.....


Karl Friedrich Gauss said...

Dr. Ken, Good that you're capitalizing on your personal experience here, such as it is. Maybe you could write about which pay sites you subscribe to, how you chose them and what you do and don't like about them.

Your earlier posts about how you experience the scene at parties were also interesting. Do you follow Eve's advice to network ahead of time and between parties or do you already know most of the folks by now?

GaT said...

Dr. Ken,

It's time. Join a dating site. is my favorite because it's free. Lots of lady spanko want-to-have's and have-been's on there. Doesn't take but a few conversations to find them.

Much luck!


Michael said...

Hi Dr. Ken! Fantastic blog! I'm still going through your old posts so haven't caught up yet. But one thing I did see under your 'Blog Jam' post was Karl's quip about your parental advisory being for 'immature adults'. When I first saw it the same thing also came to my mind. That must be the sign of an immature adult, thinking of silly quips. I know it is in my case. *G*

Sorry to hear about your loss, Dr. Ken. She sounds like a wonderful woman.

Sucks that you can't even spank someone in your dreams, well, there's always tonight. Here's hoping you complete a successful spanking mission this evening.


Dr. Ken said...

Karl--I do plan to mention the pay sites in a future post. I'll undoubtedly add a ling to them, as well.
I've been a member of the Crimson Moon group ever since they started, which was 15 years ago (actually, probably longer). I do know most of the folk by now and tend to play with the same people--I have a few favorites after all this time. Still, new people come in all the time, so you do have to do some networking. It's always a good idea.

Ms. GaT--thanks. I really don't trust on-line dating services, though--free or otherwise.

Michael--glad you found the place. The nice thing about a new blog--there aren't that many posts in the archives to go through!
And yes--she was a wonderful woman. I miss her terribly.

Dr. Ken

Dr. Ken said...

"add a LINK", is what I'd that slip by me??
Oh, well....

Dr. Ken

Karl Friedrich Gauss said...

Dr. Ken, I personally know at least a few people who've found their current partners through online dating services. And they seem compatible and happy. And these were people who had not been dating or having relationships for some time. So I second MsGaT's suggestion that you explore this avenue, although I don't have any personal experience to back it up.

Dave said...

Lol. Excellent post. Well you are not alone in blogland--I don't have anyone to play with either *sighss*


p.s. I don't even have dreams about otk stuff! or at least ones I remember.

Dr. Ken said...

DAVE--I bet if you could remember the dreams you don't remember you'd discover that your subconscious has been spanking up a storm!

Dr. Ken

Anonymous said...

I know I'm a little late to post to this, but I just wanted to say that the same thing happens to me in dreams (except I'm of the other persuasion). Last week I was having this wonderful dream, and just at the point I went over the gentleman's knee...the alarm went off. ugh!


Dr. Ken said...

BELLE--Hey, it's never too late to join in the fun. I'm glad you found the blog, and I hope you're enjoying it!
Don't you hate the alarm clock? I always want to hit the snooze button (and none-too-gently, either) and try to see if I can recapture the dream. Sadly, it never happens....