Saturday, December 10, 2016

Spankable Saturday


jimc said...

Great spankables and already spanked. I love the outfits and the positions that can only suggest about or have already gotten a spanking. There can be no doubt about the last one, but the 1st one is kinda did she or didn't she?
Great series. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day.

smuccatelli said...

For some reason, I'm having fun imagining the first pic as "before" and the last one as the "after" in a spanking story about an exceptionally naughty (and hot as HELL) young lady...

Dr. Ken said...

Jim -- First one is pretty much un-spanked--but she certainly should be!

smuccatelli-- That's a nice way to look at it!

Enzo said...

Dr. Ken -
This is a great set in particular; well done.
Keep up the excellent work.

Dr. Ken said...

Enzo -- I'm glad you enjoyed them, and I certainly to do my best.... :-)