Thursday, September 24, 2015

Paddled Cheerleader

There was a time, in those glorious days of yesteryear, when certain schools and certain rivalries had a tradition among their cheerleading squads--the cheerleaders for the losing team got spanked or, more accurately, got paddle swats.  Sometimes it was the entire opposing squad, sometimes one girl would simply be designated to be the recipient.  The swats might equal one swat from each member of the opposing squad, or the number of swats given might be based on the point differential--if your team lost by 20 points, the designated spankee got 20 swats.

From the look on this girls face, I'd say her team lost by a lot!

The photo if from 1961, and is headed "paddled cheerleader".  I don't know of any schools that still carry on this tradition, but I suppose it's possible....

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Megan Lowry said...

Hey Doctor Ken: I don't know of that good-natured tradition here in Minnesota, but I can tell you about a real life incident of "cheerleader spanking" which took place in October of 1973. On a Friday night five senior girls were horsing around in the back of the bus during a 15 mile trip back home after cheering at a game with a rival school. Some way or other they managed to bust out a window while just turning onto I-35. On Monday morning during first period they were called to the main office and told each had earned three swats. The group was walked down to the gym by a male vice principal and a 20-something lady p.e. teacher. Each had to come forward and grab her ankles. The p.e. teacher actually administered the spanking and the vice principl and some other faculty member witnessed. I was told afterwards that two of the girls cried.