Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Pixie's Got A Brand New Blog

Remember this woman?

Of course you do.  It's everybody's favorite punished brat, Amber "Pixie" Wells.  And I'm happy to announce that she's started a brand new blog!

It's called, Amber Pixie Wells, and the subheading reads, Pixie's Thoughts On Spanking....And Everything Else.  The plan is for the blog to be a place where she can discuss whatever she wants to discuss.  Naturally, a lot of that will be spanking related, but she reserves the right to post about whatever she wants--for instance, the pies she baked for Thanksgiving dinner,  If you've read my profile (and if you have, thank you!) it's the same idea as I had for this blog.  I didn't want to be limited as to what I posted.  If I wanted to talk spanking, fine, I did that.  But if I wanted to talk about the Minnesota Vikings football season, I could do that, too.  By not limiting myself, I'm able to share more and let people get to know me a bit better.  The same goes for Pixie.

She's not abandoning her old blog, btw.  It's still there, but now it'll be an extension of what she does on the Punished Brats  site with Pixie's Archives.

I've added a link to her new site in the blog roll under the heading, "Blogs I Read Daily".  Be sure to drop by and tell her what you think of the new blog.  Also, while you're there, read some of the older posts and especially those about "Cause For Paws".  Pixie and Lilly Anna are trying to raise money for the animal shelter they've supported in the past.  Read up on it, and if you feel so inclined, you can read all about how you can make a donation.  It's well worth it.

Welcome back, Pixie!

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Anonymous said...

Excellent scene. Mummy's hairbrush to the tender, bare botty (I remember it well)Brenda x