Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snowmageddon 2011

Seriously--is it Spring yet???

As I write this, literally one-third of the country is being pummelled by a hellacious storm. The system is said to stretch from Colorado to Rhode Island. It has the potential to affect roughly 100 million Americans. Chicago--practically my second home--is expected to get two feet of snow before this is all over.

It would be easy--not to mention tempting--to stay inside, lock your doors and windows, crawl under a blanket, hunker down and not poke your nose outside until the storm has past and the St. Bernards manage to locate you and alert the rescue squads. But, gosh darn it, that just isn't the American way!

So, here's a photo to provide you with a little motivation.

Motivation for what, you ask?

If you can get up, dig out, go out and catch can give her a spanking!

Grab your snow shovels, America......


Dave Wolfe said...

It's a good thing that li'l gal has her hat and booties on-- it's pretty darn cold out!

There's a cartoon (by whom I forget) with a zaftig housewife offering the kid who just shoveled her walk with a giant shovel an extra ten bucks if he'll go in and "spank her with that thing!"

Dr. Ken said...

Dave--With the weather we're having in Minnesota right now (the high temperature is about 7 degrees, the overnight lows are well below zero), I don't think the hat and boots are doing her a lot of good. It's downright nippley out there....