Sunday, January 2, 2011

Out With The Old, Spank In The New

"!! For my birthday party next year, I'm either

banning birthday spankings......or I'm going to invite fewer friends!"


It's "next year".

Happy 2011!

May the spankings continue........


Larken said...

Are bottoms allowed to ban birthday spankings, Dr. Ken? I'm just asking... :-)

That's quite an ouchy version of Here Comes Santa Clause you posted last week. I like it. :-)

Happy New Year, Dr. Ken!

Dr. Ken said...

Larken--well, they can TRY....I'm guessing they don't get very far, though.
I'm glad you liked the song parody. Best wishes for an ouchy New Year to you!

Michael said...

Happy New Year, Dr. Ken. Great post, and I love helping a naughty girl celebrate her birthday.

Congrats on this post being Chrosed.