Saturday, September 4, 2010

Moving On Up

I could almost call this post, "Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed....."

A more accurate description of it, though, might be "Light Housekeeping". Or, more to the point, "Changes to the Blog Roll". A couple of excellent blogs have moved from their old digs to a new location, and I've added one new one to the list.

First up is Erica Scott. Always funny, thoughtful, wild and witty with a dollop of sarcasm, her blog is always a great read. I used to always enjoy reading it, but she had her blog on myspace, so I was never able to leave a comment. I'm happy to say that she's ditched myspace and moved herself over to (the same host that I use for this blog). Erica Scott: Life, Love and Spanking is a must read for all you spanko fans out there. I've updated the link to her blog, so you have no excuse for not reading.

Leaving Blogspot for the dot-com realm is Poppy St. Vincent and her well-written blog, Poppy's Submissions. Her posts always contain touches of thoughtful musings, style and class. And quite a bit of brat. (Don't even try to deny it, know it's true.) Again, I've updated the blog roll to reflect her new address. Just click on the link and it should take you there.

And finally, a new addition has been added to the "Picture Blogs" section. Art Of The Spank is an excellent blog for those who like spanking illustrations. While not claiming to be an artist, the creator of the pictures obviously knoes their way around a computer program and has produced a number of excellent spanking pictures. Click on the link and go see for yourself.

I'm posting a sample pic below from their site--hopefully they won't mind. This should give you an idea of what to expect.

Check out these fine blogs, and be sure to bookmark them if you haven't already done so!

(picture from the blog, Art of the Spank)


Anonymous said...

Thank you Dr. Ken, as for the brat thing, I think you must have confused me with Erica. I am quite the delight as you well know. In fact, underneath "paragon of virtue" in the book where there are explanations for these things is my picture.

Erica said...

Wow -- just seeing this now! Thank you for the shout-out, Dr. Ken. :-)