Saturday, November 21, 2009

It's A Spank Blog, After All

Hello to all you readers, and all the new followers of this blog--and all the old followers of this blog, as well. I'm not leaving anybody out!

I've got a bunch of miscellany to get through--just assorted odds and ends that I need to address. (No, not THOSE kinds of ends--although some ladies ends definitely need to be seen to, if you catch my drift.)

First item: I'm still dealing with general busyness and distractions, so I'm not updating as often as I have in the past. There's no regular posting schedule that I follow, but I used to put up a new post roughly every two or three days. Lately it's been closer to a post a week. I'm hoping that will change soon. Thanks for sticking with me!

Second item: I finally changed my profile picture back to what it was. I still think the Yankees suck ass, but the World Series has been over for a while now. Give them credit, they won it, they're the best team that money can buy, and if all of us sports fans around the country were to honest, we wish OUR team would spend that kind of money to get some good free agents. Time to move on, as I said, and so the profile picture is back to that lovely black and white illustration of Domestic Bliss/Discipline.

Any lady wishing to find herself in the same position, the number to call is 555-Dr-Ken. I'm standing by, palm at the ready.....

I also changed the profile description. The old one read like a personal ad. Nothing wrong with that, really--hey, I'm a single spanker looking for a female spankee--but that doesn't really tell you what the blog is about, and that's what I'd like the profile description to do. Now it's more about what you'll find in these posts and pages, and what you can expect. I want to convey the idea that this blog is pretty much about the fun of consensual adult spanking--and let's face it, it is fun--even if we're taking it very seriously. There's an enjoyment of the whole proceeding going on--we wouldn't do it otherwise!

The written profile isn't quite where I want it yet, so there will undoubtedly be some tweaking and some changes made, but it's getting better.

The next item is an addition to the blog roll. It's another blog from Richard Windsor (when does the man sleep?) and it's called The Spanking Universe. It's really a reference site, much the way some other blogs have their blog rolls set up. You can see at a glance what blogs have posted updates to their sites and when. You get the name of the blog, the title of the latest post, and information about when it was posted, so at a glance you can see that--for example--Spanking Minnesota updated his blog about 1 hour ago with a post called, "It's A Spank Blog, After All". With nearly 200 blogs listed, it can't help but save you time if you check there first. You can then read the latest from your favorite bloggers without having to click on and view a blog that hasn't been updated for, say, two weeks.

Last item: I haven't done it yet, but I might have to turn on the "Comment Moderation". Lately some jerk of a spammer (are there any other kind?) has been visiting my blog, going into the post archives, and leaving "comments" that are nothing more than the sort of spam you get in your e-mail: where to get prescription drugs cheaper, where to get Viagra, you too can have a 12-inch penis, blah blah blahbity blah. Why they would do that, I have no idea--I mean, really, how many people are going to go digging through the archives and even find their little ad? I know about it because I get an e-mail every time somebody leaves a comment. When I see that it's happened, I go in as soon as possible and delete it. Maybe they're working on a quota or something--nobody has to actually see the spam, they just have to prove they posted it somewhere.....

Anyway, it's annoying and it takes time that I don't really have to give, so if it continues I will have to moderate the comments. All that will mean is that I screen any comments you leave. Once I approve them, they'll appear on the blog. So for those who are kind enough to comment on something I posted, it will be a case of gratification delayed rather than instant.

I'm hoping I don't have to do it, but time will tell. I'll certainly let you know if that happens.

That's about all for now, I think. Everybody have a spanking good time this weekend!


Hermione said...

I like the new profile, Dr. K. How cool that you've found and joined a local spanking group.

I've seen those spammy comments on otehr blogs too, because I usually get followup emails whenever I post a comment. Never had one myself, but they sure are irritating.

I've been busy too, and have reduced my daily posting schedule, but am trying to get on top of things so I can pick up the pace again.


greengirl said...

This is not in the least related to your post - but I just made my way here for the first time. My little picture/avatar/whatever it's called was taken this past summer from an island in the boundary waters that looked an awful lot like your banner - they all do look similiar - I know. I love the photo though.

Radha said...

Hey Dr. Ken. I got those span emails too. But not enough to turn on comment moderation, but then I hadn't even thought of that until I read your post.
Hope all is keeping well during your busy period.

Dr. Ken said...

Hermione--thanks! I've tweaked it again, just a little. The important thing is that it's more about the blog and what you'll find here than it is about me. The old profile had a little too much of a "personal ad" feel to it.
A daily posting schedule would kill me....once every few days is enough!

greengirl--it could be the same. I've been told the photo I use came from the boundary waters area, so that's entirely possible. I like your profile photo, too!

Radha--see? I have so much to teach you, young lady.....:-) And I know Lord Krishna would be a willing participant!