Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Weather Report

It's getting to be that time of year in Minnsota--Fall. Blustery days, "high" temperatures in the low 40's (or worse), the threat of snow in the near future. There's not a lot to like, weather-wise. Still, Fall is one of my favorite times of year.

I just love windy days..... :-)


Poppy said...

I think, considering the weather, girls should not wear little skirts. They should wrap up snug in heavy woollen trousers and big jumpers.


That is not what I wear when it is cold but I feel honour bound to encourage other girls to stay warm and safe.

Did I help?

Dr. Ken said...

Poppy--I suspect women everywhere who are susceptible to colds and flu will sing your praises for such sound advice.
Men everywhere will probably curse your name--or want to smack your bottom.
I imagine you're used to the latter reaction by now.... :-)

Poppy said...

I ignore the men and go out with the girls for cake.

But a little kilt with sheer tights, high boots and a warm jumper can look very cute and tends me meet everyone's needs.

If he can't get to it- he doesn't deserve it!

Hermione said...

No Canadian girl in her right mind - well, except for the ones on Vancouver island where it's always summer - would go outside in October dressed like that. And our weather right now is much like yours. She must be a tourist!


Ann said...

LOL...I have to admit to being the tourist Hermoine was talking about! I went out about a week ago here in Canada with a skirt on (denim and longer--calf length) and had the same thing happen. I'm thinking about putting weights in the hems of my skirts!