Saturday, September 12, 2009

"Are You There, Spanking? It's Me, Chelsea"

I had a lovely, long Labor Day weekend, made even better by a little spanking startle Monday night on the Chelsea Lately show on E!, starring Chelsea Handler.

During the early part of the show, Chelsea and her comedy panel were discussing a Cosmopolitan article that had a title something along the lines of "12 Taboo Moves To Drive Your Man Wild" (that probably wasn't really the name of the article, but I don't have it on tape or Tivo or DVD, so you'll have to be satisfied with my faulty recall).

In what turned out to be a prepared bit, Chelsea stopped going through the list of "taboos" and asked the 3-person panel of comedians if they liked to be spanked during sex. One guy pretty much flatly stated, "Don't touch my ass." The one female comic said no, she didn't like to be spanked during sex (the optimist in me notes that she said nothing about being spanked before sex or, for that matter, after sex).

When they turned the question back on her, Chelsea replied that she let the security guard spank her backstage if things were slow. They then cut to a picture of Chelsea bent over a table, ball gag in her mouth, a baseball bat over her shoulder (a different form of "ball gag"), her jeans down to slightly above her knees, with a large black security guard holding her down with one hand while wielding some kind of a paddle (oar? kayak paddle?) in the other.

It was totally unexpected and made me laugh. I've been looking online ever since, hoping that somebody had done a screen grab of the picture, but so far--nothing. It wouldn't surprise me to learn that the clip is on YouTube somewhere.

This is not the first time that the subject of spanking has shown up on Chelsea Lately. She got a whack from singer Akon during the interview portion of another show.

I do love it when the subject of spanking comes up in popular shows. With any luck, she'll return to the subject again and let's hear it for Chelsea Handler!


Spanky said...

A fun read. Great pictures too. I'm not familiar with Chelsea. She's a real feast for the eyes!

Anonymous said...

I know that it may take a girl to notice it but her shoes in the last picture are beautiful!
Just like Chelsea- but I suspect you noticed that she is beautiful already.

Dr. Ken said...

Spanky--she is that, and very funny, too. I always like a girl with a sense of humor!

Poppy--I had my choice of 2 versions of that photo. One cut her off shortly below the "Applause" sign, the other was the full length photo you see here. Now that you've commented on her shoes, I'm glad I chose the 2nd one! Although you're right--that's not the first thing I would have noticed!