Friday, August 21, 2009

A Reason To Celebrate

It used to be that Summer was "TV Rerun" hell, and that's probably still true for the major networks. The "original" programming that tends to get thrown our way are, in reality, shows that weren't good enough to make it on air in the regular season. (I use the phrase "in reality" quite deliberately, as so much of what gets thrown our way are lame "reality" programs. Seriously, what's "real" about any of them?)

Thankfully, there is Cable TV. The cable networks have no problem debuting new seasons of wonderful shows during Summer--Rescue Me and Eureka come to mind. And thankfully, this week has seen the return of two not-lame reality competition shows. Of course, for me, what makes them "not lame" are the two lovely and very spankable hosts--a very different set of criteria from the usual TV reviewer, to be sure.

Premiering last night on Lifetime, we have the return of Project Runway and the spankable bottom of Heidi Klum:

And on the previous night, we got the return of Top Chef and the equally spankable Padma Lakshmi:

If some cable network is feeling adventurous, I have two new reality shows I'd like to see--Project Spankway and Top Spankee. I know I'd watch!


Spnk MeRed said...

besides being a great show rescue me has spankable Andrea Roth and Callie Thorne

Brambleberry Blush said...

Ha! You're right, those are incredibly spankable bottoms. Happy viewing.


Hermione said...

We get both those shows on cable, and Top Chef is one I'd consider watching. For the culinary aspects, of course.


Dr. Ken said...

Spnk MeRed--So true. So many TV shows have lovely actesses, and naturally all of them look very spankable. It's enough to keep me viewing and clicking through the channels!

BrambleberryBlush--Thanks, Carly. And speaking of spankable bottoms... :-)

Hermione--I guess that if I'm going to watch a "reality" program, I enjoy the ones that display a person's creativity, such as with design or food.

Mina said...

Dr Ken, excellent idea for TV programs, you should contact the networks immediately. Of course, you have to spank all those as part of the audition and I am only too happy to help out with any male applicants.


Dr. Ken said...

Mina--excellent idea on the auditions! For some reason, I hadn't thought of that. Let me know if you come up with any finalists.... :-)