Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Jessica Collection

Today's "Spankables" are brought to you by the letter "J":



And, of course, Jessica--

(That's Alba, Biel, Simpson and Rabbit--just in case you couldn't tell!)


Spnk MeRed said...

yum yum

one of my fav quotes is from mrs rabbit..."i'm not bad. i'm just drawn that way."

Spanky said...

Very nice. I think I like them all!

Anonymous said...

I love the knickers on Jessica number one but Mrs Rabbit is my all time fave Jessica

Michael said...

Great post, Dr. Ken, and I'm with Poppy and like Jessica Rabbit the best. Don't know what that says about me, though. And who could forget the sexy smokey voice of Kathleen Turner as Jessica and her immortal line "I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way."

Jessica Alba said...

mmm, jessica alba. I love their girl. I want to be spanked :)

Dr. Ken said...

Spnk MeRed--One of the more memorable lines from that film--although she sure doesn't look badly drawn to me!

Spanky--I think you have excellent taste!

Poppy--I agree about the knickers on Ms. Alba. They seem to be that filmy, flimsy type that look so good on her that a man can't wait to take them off her.
And I agree about Mrs. Rabbit, too!

Michael--maybe it says that you're "drawn" to beautiful women...:-)

Jessica Alba--I hope you get your wish!

Mina said...

Jessica Alba does have on pretty knickers, but what is with the TV in the background.