Monday, August 10, 2009

A Birthday Accessory

If you have a friend with a birthday coming up, you might want to get them this little accessory to help celebrate--
(Or, for that matter, get it if YOU have a birthday coming up. Why should your friends have all the fun?)

Yes, it's a birthday paddle, available from (look under Accessories). Half the fun of having a birthday is getting--or giving--those birthday spankings, after all. Give her this present, then give her a spanking with it, and then sign it as a keepsake. Not only does the birthday girl have a nice, warm bottom to remember her birthday by, but she has the signature of everybody who gave her "one to grow on"as proof of how much they love her.

Here's a shot of it being put to good use:

Offhand, I'd say you probably couldn't do any serious walloping with this paddle without it breaking, but I bet the birthday gal would certainly feel a little heat and a little sting from it.

And if you think she deserves more than a "little sting".....well, you can always handle that in private, can't you?

1 comment:

Hermione said...

I love it! It's the gift that keeps on giving!
a great find.