Friday, August 14, 2009

300,000 and 200 and 2

Today's post is all about the numbers--but don't worry, unlike math class, there won't be a quiz later.

A couple of weeks ago, while I was off enjoying the latest Crimson Moon Spanking Party, this blog went over the 300,000 visitor mark! I find that number amazing--amazingly wonderful, at any rate--and I want to thank everybody who checks in here on my little dog-and-pony show. Whether you look in and read regularly, or give it the occasional read now and then, or even if you come in once in a blue moon (or Crimson Moon, for that matter), I appreciate your taking the time to come in and check things out. I hope you all keep coming back time and time again....

The next number is 200. My previous post, "The Top 4 List", was the 200th post I've written for my blog. Who knew I had that many posts in me? (Not me, I can tell you that!) When I began Spanking Minnesota, my only real thought was, "Well, I'll try it for a bit, see how it goes, and if I don't like or it gets to be too much, I'll just delete the whole thing." A year and a half and 200 posts later, I guess I can safely say that it's going all right. :-)

The last number is 2. Not the 2 pictures I put in this post--although it certainly could stand for that--but two new entries on the blog roll. The first is Spanking Classics, a spanking story site. I had the pleasure of meeting a couple of the authors at the Crimson Moon party, two very delightful ladies. The other blog is The Daily Toast, a "humorous take on spanking and middle-aged married bliss". I, for one, am enjoying the "Spankable Butt of the Week" posts. (What can I say? I can be such a "guy" at times.) You can find links to them over to the right of the screen. Check them out, won't you?


Hermione said...

Congratulations! That"s a wonderful achievement. Here's to the next 300,000.


Dr. Ken said...

Hermione--thank you. Here's hoping I keep blogging for that long! LOL

Radha said...

Congrats Dr. Ken! As always - You rock! Your blog is really fun and upbeat so I am not surprised at all that you have so many hits! The pictures are amazing and the commentary is always hilarious. And I hope you were kidding about your response to Hermione - it would be much less fun in this blogging world if you decided to stop blogging.

Dr. Ken said...

Radha--Thank you! It's wonderful friends and readers like you that make it all worthwhile.
I'll undoubtedly stop blogging some day. There will probably come a day when this isn't fun anymore and I'll know it's time to stop.
This isn't the day, however....

Mina said...

Congratulations Dr Ken, a marvelous effort.


Dr. Ken said...

Miaa--thank you, and it's always nice to have you drop in and visit!