Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Radio Spanko Revisited

It was Monday. I was at work, doing what I usually do when I'm at work--listening to the radio. (And yes, I was working, as well.)
My radio was tuned, as always, to FM 107.1, and at that particular moment I was listening to the Lori and Julia show. (If you're asking yourself, "Who are they?", you can go back a couple of posts and find out. The two of them crack me up, and Lori is good for the occasional spanking reference, making me wonder if she's really one of us or not.)
Monday night at 5:30 p.m. they do a feature called, "Sex Monday". Lori reads and discusses interesting articles she's come across concerning--what else?--sex. Her co-host, Julia, and Donny, the other on-air personality on their show, throw in their observations and reactions.
Because Lori had made a reference to "spanking" the week before on the show (again, go back a few posts and check it out), I was keeping my ears open for any other possible references. Sure enough, Lori didn't disappoint and announced that, after the break, she would discuss the benefits of "erotic spanking".
Needless to say, that got my attention. I stayed tuned through the commercial break, and I even grabbed a piece of scrap paper and a pen so I could jot down some notes or keywords--I was already planning on making a post out of it!
I sat there, pen poised and at the ready, and she began talking about some college that had done a study of people engaged in S&M activity--and I suddenly realized that everything she was saying sounded familiar. And then I realized why--she was referencing the New Scientist article that I had written about on March 31st in a post called, Proof Positive.
Naturally, I put the pen down at this point since I'd already done a post on that. But as I got back to work, I started to wonder--how had she come across that article? And then it occurred to me--maybe she had read it here on my blog!
The thought made me chuckle, and I smiled to myself. I couldn't help but think, "Wouldn't that be something? I write about this radio host and her spanking references and speculate that she's a closet spanko, and all the time maybe she's lurking here and there's no way I would ever know!"
Maybe it's a small spanko world, after all.
How about it, Lori? Are you out there? I promise not to tell anyone.....


Hermione said...

LOL as if you need to take notes on anything spanking-related, Dr. Ken!

Wouldn't that be a coincidence, though, if she had read your blog. Although I was the same reference on a few other blogs, and in 2 newspapers. And on Yahoo, I think. But still, there's a possibility. She might have been attracted to your blog my its distinctive name when she googled "Minnesota spanking".


Dr. Ken said...

Hermione--I don't know....there are times I feel I have a mind like a sieve. Although when it comes to owing somebody a spanking and why, I'm usually pretty good.

And yes, the odds are that she just Googled, "Spanking", and the article came up. Still, it's fun to think she and/or her husband might be out there, reading....

Ann said...

Hate to burst your bubble Dr. Ken, but WCCO TV news did a piece on it the same day you did yours. I was really surprised to see it. Even if Mr. Shelby didn't present TTWD in a great light. :(

Dr. Ken said...

Ann, Ann, Ann--you just HAD to go and be a spoilsport, didn't you?
WCCO is about as vanilla as it gets, so I'm not surprised Don Shelby doesn't understand us or put us in a good light. But then, I imagine any and every news organization that covered the story had their own little "comments" about it...refusing to admit that it's all just a part of human sexuality...

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