Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Best Laid Plans

Last week was rather nice here in Minnesota. The temperatures were mostly in the 60s and approaching 70, the sun was out, there weren't that many clouds in the sky on any given day. It truly felt like Spring. (I know that, technically, Spring began about a month ago, but this is Minnesota--it could still snow! "Spring" tends to be like an illusion in this state--more of a rumor than an actual season. And before you know it, we slide bang right into summer and then it starts snowing again shortly after that.)

Anyway--inspired by the nice weather, I was thinking about doing a "song" post. Not a song parody, just the lyrics from some song about Spring, or at the very least had the word "Spring" in it somewhere, and then illustrate it with several photos of lovely and spankable bare-bottomed girls, which I seem to have in abundance. I spent a few days picking out the photos and was narrowing down the search for a song. Then the weekend came, and the temperature plummetted 20 to 30 degrees.

My thoughts quickly went from bare-bottomed girls to long-sleeved shirts and an extra blanket for the bed. Heck, even one of those goofy "blankets with sleeves" was starting to look good.

So, the song idea is scrapped for now. Now, what should we do while riding out the crappy weather?

How about checking out some blogs? I've added seven to the blog roll. You're bound to find something there that you'll enjoy. Here's the list:

ZED and ginger


Dante's Paradiso

A Spanking Good Time

MarQe's Study


Jflame's Journey

There really is something there for everyone. Interested in Domestic Discipline? "ZED and ginger" and "LDD-4-Me" are the ones you want. If you like pictures, you'll like "MarQe's Study", as he works hard to find the best photos and bring them to you--photos that you haven't seen a million times before. "Dante's Paradiso" is a good read, and any topic--not just spanking--is fair game, and "A Spanking Good Time" is his wife's blog. "Yeowch" does it's best to put the fun back in spanking and keep it there. I can identify with that, as I always say that my blog is primarily meant to be fun. Be sure to go to his story archives and check out the episode of "Friends" that he wrote, wherein Ross and Rachel--well, go see for yourself.

Last up is "Jflame's Journey", a blog that has a lot in common with my own. The main thrust is spanking, but not every post is about that....and most of all, it's meant to be fun (that word again!) I think you'll enjoy reading it.

For that matter, I think you'll enjoy all of them. So, get reading! There are links to all of these blogs to the right under the heading, "More Blogs I Read". If you like what you see, please leave a comment saying so. All bloggers love comments!

And last, but certainly not least--tell them Dr. Ken sent you. :-)


onegirl said...
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Ian56 said...

Hi Dr Ken,

Just wanted to post a short note to say how much I've enjoyed reading your excellent blog and to thank you for the nice comments and link to my own place.


Blogmeister: YEOWCH.

Dr. Ken said...

Ian56--you're very welcome. I'm having a great time reading your blog, so it was a pleasure to post about it and add the link. My little short description in the post doesn't really do you justice (or any of the other blogs, for that matter), which is why I hope people are coming your way and reading!

Hermione said...

LOL - our weather has been up and down too, but luckily no snow. Just cold, rainy and windy.

Those are great new blogs you've added.


Dr. Ken said...

Hermione--Today it hit 85 degrees, and tomorrow is going to be close to 80. Then on Saturday the high is going to be 56. Go figure!
But you're snow!
I'm glad you like the new additions!

MarQe's Study said...

Thanks so much for the link & kind words, I'll reciprocate the link ;)

Dr. Ken said...

MarQe--you're welcome, and I appreciate the reciprocal link. I hope I'm sending some traffic your way!