Friday, March 13, 2009

Safety First

Okay. You've told her she's going to get a spanking. You've instructed her to bend over and grab for her ankles. Obedient lady that she is, she complies. Her skirt rides up a bit in back, exposing her bottom. That's okay. It gives you something to aim at for the first few swats. Eventually you'll flip the skirt up and out of the way, but this will do for now. You pick a good solid paddle, or maybe--if she's been very naughty--you grab a cane. You swing the implement through the air a few times, letting her hear the swishing sound it makes, letting her wonder if one of these times it's going to connect with her backside. Finally you're satisfied. You stand back, you aim carefully at your delightful target, and you start to swing away. Right?

Wrong! Wrong, wrong, wrong. Take another look at the picture. In that pose, bent over as she is, and in those shoes--if you smacked her bottom right now she'd tip over and fall on her head. Her balance point is way too small. She needs to widen her stance (no Larry Craig jokes, please!). Hands on her ankles will leave her overbalanced. Hands on knees will suffice, and will provide a more stable position for her. Or--even better--perhaps you could move a chair in front of her and let her grip the seat, or place her palms flat on it.

Lastly, one other thing you could do as a spanker is to not stand back at a distance. Tuck her under your arm and wrap it around her waist. Move your leg against hers so that, if necessary, she can lean against you and not topple. You want to spank her, not knock her over.

The safety of the spankee should always be your main concern. The scenario that you played out in your head might sound good, but always be sure to check it against reality and make things as safe as possible. The only thing she should get out of the encounter is a bright, shiny and stinging behind.

The picture below has it right. She still needs to move her feet further apart--and, of course, that skirt needs to come up--but with that chair in front of her for support, the spanker should be able to swing away as hard as he--or the spankee--might like.

Oh, and one other thing......get that yappy little dog out of there......


Michael said...

Great post! I wish my high school teacher had made Physics class this much fun. Excellent point about always ensuring the safety of the spankee, Dr. Ken, that should always be the topmost priority. I LOVE wrapping a woman around the waist and tucking her under my arm. A very dominant position as well as functional and sexy at the same time.

Dr. Ken said...

Michael--I wish my Physics teacher had looked like either one of these ladies!

Michael said...

Know EXACTLY what you mean, Dr. Ken. Mr Garguilo had a pot belly and '70s style porn star mustache. Would much rather have had one of these lovelies teaching me, even though I would have been lucky to pass the class because I would have been distracted so much.

Dr. Ken said...

Michael--I think I was lucky to pass the class, period!

Hermione said...

Dr. Ken, you have cleared up the confusion I had over assuming that position. thank you! I have a post on just that subject that's coming out soon, so maybe you and Michael can give me some pointers when it does.

As for high school physics - I'd rather not go there.


Purple Angel said...

Excellent post Dr. Ken. I was knocked off my feet by a Top that would not believe I was a bit dizzy and could not hold the position without something under the middle of me to support me. I ended up passing out as he smacked me hard enough to send me into an end table. I had some lovely raccoon eyes.

Safe and sane!!!!

Dr. Ken said...

Hermione--as far as high school physics go--I'd rather not have gone there, either! :-)

Purple Angel--"Now somewhere in the black mountain hills of Dakota there lived a spankee named Purple Raco-on...."
Okay, I'll stop now. Can't sing worth a darn, anyway....
Nice to see you here, and hope everything is well with you.
Not to denigrate my own genre, but some so-called Tops just don't listen, and they really should. Just because they read it in a story or saw it in a video doesn't mean that's the way it works in real life. "Safe, sane and consensual" isn't just a cute saying--it's the only real way to play!