Sunday, September 21, 2008

Pixie's Cause For Paws

It always amuses me when I think about the number of times I've directed people AWAY from my own blog. You come here looking for a little quick dip into whatever I may have to say, and I wind up telling you, "Go here and read this." Maybe it's a new blog I've read--whenever I add to the blog roll, I always urge you to go, take a look, leave a comment--maybe it's something else I found that I thought was worthwhile. I guess my parents brought me up well--I like to share.

Today I urge you to go to Amber Pixie Well's Spanking Journal--the link is under Blogs I Read Daily, "Spanking Pixie". Look for her September 18th post, "Pixie's Cause For Paws."

Among her many interests, Pixie is an animal lover. (I'm a dog person, myself.) She volunteers at an animal shelter, and they're holding a fundraiser. You can go and read her post on this, but here is what she is proposing: For each $1 that you, the readers of her blog, donate, she will take 1 hard bare-bottomed spank, and the whole thing will be recorded and posted for us to view on her blog!

She has a link within her post that you can click on and it will take you to Pay Pal if you wish to donate that way, and she also includes a snail-mail address for those who don't want to go the Pay Pal route. if you love animals, please look at her post and look into your hearts and then look into your wallets and see if there isn't a dollar or two that you can spare. Our four-legged friends need our help. Donations need to be in by September 28th.

If, for whatever reason, you don't wish to contribute to Pixie's cause, let me urge you to make a donation to an animal shelter or animal rescue or Humane Society in your local area. All of these places do great work, and they certainly can use all the help they can get.
Thanks for your time and your consideration.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting us know, Doc! I am sure she would appreciate it but I am not sure how her butt will hold out if she is taking one swat per dollar. If ONE person donates like twenty dollars that is twenty swats and that is only with one person! LOL! I hope her butt can hold out long enough! LOL!

Michael said...

Thanks so much for the information on Pixie's fund raiser, Dr. Ken. I was just on her site and left a donation. What a great cause.


Dr. Ken said...

Pest--clearly you don't know Pixie!
I'm sure if the total donated is some insane amount, she'll work something out. However, not everybody is going to donate $20 or anything in that range. I'm sure she's expecting a lot of people will only be able to afford a buck or two.
That said, she has already mentioned that the total number of swats is already in excess of 100, and there's still 4 days to contribute.
And from what I know of Pixie, she couldn't be happier. :-)

Michael--Thank you for going to her site and making a donation. Pixie's not the only one with a big heart!

Anonymous said...

Dr. Ken, actually I don't know Pixie! Yeah I am sure she won't get that many but still over a hundred swats?! That is a lot! Maybe just a hand spanking would do then! LOL!

Well, Michael has a big something that is for sure! WEG He just wanted to make sure Pixie got some smacks from him via his donation! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Donation just completed. I could only donate three dollars but like you said every little bit helps. So I guess I just added three more swats to her total! LOL!