Friday, September 19, 2008

New Countries, New Blogs, And Things I Learned From Mr. Whipple

If you've been reading this blog on a regular (or even irregular) basis, you may remember that back in April I started keeping track of all the different countries that my readers came from. It's been some time since I updated that list, but new countries show up in my stats page all the time, and I've finally added them to the list. So a big hello to all the readers from Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Bahamas, Zimbabwe, Mongolia, Yemen, Indonesia, Guam, and Trinidad and Tobago! I hope you liked what you saw here, and please come back often.

I like to think that many of the readers from all of the countries I've kept track of are cute, spankable ladies who are planning a trip to Minnesota to visit the Mall of America and might want a spanking from Dr. Ken during their stay. I also know that the odds of that being true are probably less than 1%. Too bad--a lot of beautiful women in those countries, and I'm sure many of them need to have their bottoms warmed. (sigh)

Speaking of updates, there are two new additions to the Blog Roll which you might want to check out.

First up is a spanking blog called, appropriately enough, My Spanking Blog. It is dedicated to everything spanking, and I do mean everything. You'll find pictures, you'll find video clips, and the owner will even point the way to a good spanking story if he comes across one. There's a little something for every spanko taste, so go there and browse around.

The second blog comes from Audrey Knight and Abigail Whittaker. They recently started a spanking pay site called Spank That Brat ( ). The site has some free stuff you can check out, and there's a very good review and interview by Dave on The Cherry Red Report about the site, which makes for some good reading. There's also a companion piece to the site, Spank That Brat Blog with posts from both ladies telling of their Domestic Discipline arrangement. Read and enjoy the blog, and it just may convince you to give their pay site a try. Here's a sample picture:

And finally, I'll close this post with a simple cautionary tale. I was talking to a lady down at work the other day. I've worked in the same unit with her for 20-some years. We don't date or anything like that, we're just good friends who enjoy spending time talking to each other.
Her allergies had been acting up lately, and her allergy attacks are bad! We're talking have-trouble-breathing bad. She takes medication for it, but the medication really knocks her out. She was complaining that all she can do lately is sit on the sofa, sneeze, and gain weight.
SHE: I have gotten SO fat lately!
ME: Oh,'re not fat. I'M fat.
SHE: Yeah? Well, if I'm not fat, what am I?
ME: Squeezably soft.
Moral of this story: Never--no matter how good your intentions--compare a lady to a roll of toilet tissue......


CJ said...

Dr. Ken thanks so much for the info on Abigail W's site. Excellent!

Have a great weekend Doc.!


Season said...

Another line to avoid: Ewe's not fat, Ewe's fluffy!

Michael said...

"Squeezably soft."

Dr. Ken, no, you didn't! Oh, man, open mouth and insert foot. I know you just celebrated a birthday, Doc, but I thought with age came wisdom?


Dr. Ken said...

CJ--thanks. Another blog for you to read. How do you NOT miss your curfew? LOL

Season--Hey, Ewe. Speaking of fluffy--I was at the State Fair once in the 4-H building, and as I passed a sheep, I poked at the coat and said, "Hmmmm...60% cotton."
I thought the 4-H-er was going to have a heart attack....

Michael--actually, you should hear some of the things she's said to me over the years! She just laughed....